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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pear Drops, Hooking and Chickens

Today has mostly been working and chilling.

I was lucky enough to work from home today as I had a report to write and need to get my head onto it. So I rolled out of bed and started at 7:30am.

That meant I could finish earlier and got some precious me time with a couple of pear drops and some serious crocheting.

I never used to like pear drops but now I really like their Strong flavour. Don't they look like jewels!

And my blanket is really coming along. I love the random colours and sometimes you get two colours that are randomly put together that just go together, like peas in a pod. I guess I should take some photos of these amazing colour combinations for you sometime. In the mean time her is my legs completely covered with stripey, hooky, goodness!

This evening I treated the girls to some pasta. They go mad for carbs ... defiantly women!

Here they all are having a good old munch.

Time for some close ups an proper introductions.

Here is Sarah-Jane, all black and si-fi. She's pretty timid and rarely wants human attention. She is the lowest in the chain I am afraid. But I think that's because she is the youngest.

Here is Ivy-Sue. She is defiantly the Marilyn Monroe of the clan. She loves dust baths and preening. She is the boos of Sarah-Jane and looks after her figure by listening to her belly and stopping when she is full.

Now onto the original three.

The brown Lohmanns are all about 3 - 4 weeks older than the black and white hens and boy do they know it.

Here is my favourite. Jill. She is full of beans and loves a hold and cuddle. She won't leave me alone when we are in the garden and she loves showing the other hens affection.

This one is Linda, the biggest, darkest and bossiest .... Jill wouldn't let her have her moment and still had to stay in shot. I love this picture though. Look and Jill's floppy bits by her beak. Heheh. They make me laugh.

Finally I have to present to you the naughty one, and the boss of them all. Cath. Although she had to show us her bum. She's too important for photos. My arse!

Sending you a cluck from them all,



  1. Oh I really wish we had a garden suitable to keep chickens. I love them so much and dream of the day when we can wake up to scrummy fresh eggs! You chicken are gorgeous :) you blanket is looking amazing too!
    Victoria xx

  2. So glad you had a good day and invited us into it! I enjoy your clucking girls and admire your blanket(: <3

  3. Your blanket is looking wonderful and the chickens are so cute. I wish I could have some, but the cat wouldn't like it too much. :(

  4. Thank you girls!

    The chickens are laying really well now the weather has cooled down! I might even be able to make a spanish omlete soon with the chorizo I brought back from Barcelona!


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