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Friday, 25 May 2012

Jenny Taught Me To Knit

Last nights craft class was a success. I went and showed off my new birds, and had a go at making my own felt from wool on a felting mat. Instead of making them up into a flower I am going to save them until next week and put the straight onto clothes. This can look really effective and I'll be able to show you next week. Here are the petals...

Then Jenny the tutor said it was time I started knitting. I'll be honest with you, I am happy not knitting, I like crocheting and doing crafty little bits. Why throw something else into the mix? Something else that will send my head whirring with yet more things I need to make and projects I have on the go.

But I sat there like a good little girl and learnt how to knit after Jenny had to cast on. My hands were all over the place. I was trying to hold the needles like the oh so familiar hook and getting the tension was terribly hard. But then after half an hour of doing 160 knits (sorry I don't yet know terminology) I had got it.

I brought a set of bamboo needles in lots of different sizes and a nice case (well that's me done for, I have to take it up now!).

I also got a sample of this luxurious wool which would make a lovely rug for the living room. But this is something that needs C's approval! It would be a hefty project! What do you think though. Isn't it beautiful! C thinks so :)

When I got home I tried to cast on. And cried. Cried because Jenny had done it and I couldn't even remember. I couldn't even remember when prompted by some on line tutorials. I guess I was tired from the heat and a long day. And those vodkas at lunch time, perhaps?

This morning I got up, quickly did the ironing and prepared for a day of self tutoring.

I chose to use my lovely bright pink glitter wool so I could make something for my little cousin. 

After mastering casting on I went and chilled in the garden with a cup of tea, cake ... mmmmmmmmm...

And listened to the groovy, trouser jazz sounds of Mr Scuff (if you haven't heard it this is my favourite). I went to see him live once and instead of a bar he had a tea hut with picnic benches and fairy lights. How original!

So I was going along fine, learnt how to cast on, I did three rows of 80, then decreased to 40, then 20, then ten. It was a little ropey but I was glad I made myself do it. I was starting to feel rather pleased for myself. I then went to thread the needle and this happened...


I was sooooo annoyed.

It had unravelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, you must know that this is very unlike me .... I have started again. I am determined. I have a plan and I'm going to stick with it, even if it hurts me!

On another note, do you fancy a little nosey at the chickalata's and garden. The sunshine has sadly wilted most of the blue bells but there is now loads of butter cups (a weed I know - but I love them).

and the wild geraniums are starting to show their pretty little heads,

And lots of lovely aqualegia, that has self seeded all throughthe garden in pinks, blues, lilacs and all kinds of other variations.

And this, tons of this, whats its name??? Can anyone help me?

And here are the chickens, enjoying in the sunny day.

I can't leave them in their coop while the weather is like this, They just stand on one leg looking gormless with their beaks wide opened, wings drooped, panting.

Enjoy your weekend - I'm off to percevier with the knitting. And stick a beer in the freezer for when my lovely hubby gets back after his week off work.

Love Kate



  1. I find knitting really hard but I am determined to learn how to do it properly. The flowers in your garden are gorgeous, although I do not share your love of buttercups, they are the bane of my gardening life!

  2. Thanks to your wonderful post I have several questions answered!
    I wondered if you knit! Bravo! So glad Jenny taught you(:
    And buttercups!!! I think that is what is growing in my garden...spreading
    at an amazing rate. And oh, I enjoy seeing your chickens and your lovely mystery flowers! <3

  3. I've just been out and watered the garden, and there are buttercups every where. I didn't realise how many there were. The bane of my life is that sticky weed. It's everywhere!!!


  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I so sympathise with the difficulties of learning to knit - well done you for persevering and that flower you've finished that is pictured on your subsequent post is just great. I am an avid crocheter but a tentative and slightly suspicious knitter! Crochet is so user-friendly if anything goes wrong and you have to unravel a bit and redo but knitting is a whole different story! I have dipped a cautious toe back into knitting water recently and rather enjoyed it. So keep persevering Kate - you'll be clicking away like a pro before you know it and I'm sure you'll have enormous fun especially using such lovely wool. I just love that fluffy vivid pink! Elizabeth x

  5. Oh PS, if it's any help, I think those blue flowers are a type of cultivated cornflower. We had them everywhere in the garden of the house I lived in when small. I love their concentrated dark blue colour. E


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