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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Vintage Stripe Blanket ... choppy waters ahead!

Once the first blanket (baby blanket) was finished I didn't even stop to take a breather before I started on my second project .... and now I come to think of it .... maybe I should.

I launched straight into the Bella Dia Vintage Vertical Stripe Blanket as recommend on the lovely Attic24 blog. I loved Lucy's design and was gagging to start one of my own.

After the calmness and sophistication of my first colour choices I thought I'd make it bright, funky and fun. We have just painted our spare bedroom in magnolia, and even though C doesn't know this, I wanted it magnolia so it could be a perfect clean canvas for some lovely Afghans, cushions and hangings. Plenty to keep me going over the next couple of years!!

So firstly I went to my local wool supplier, which is my favourite place to visit on a day off from work. And I picked eight colours in pinks, greens, purples and navy blues. They supply StyleCraft Special DK yarn which is 100% Acrylic but is affordable, lovely to hook and absolutely brilliantly bright!!!

I just knew eight colours weren't enough so I had a little spree before work one morning and sourced the same yarn at a fab price of £1.76 from www.knitandsew.co.uk.

I must admit event though Internet prices are cheaper there is nothing like visiting your local wool shop. I felt like I was cheating on a boyfriend. I still feel slightly ashamed. I am a firm believer in supporting local businesses and when they offer you a service which includes tips, chats, tea and a good old cheer me up ... then isn't that worth the extra 40p?

True, true, there is the excitement of the wool arriving when the postman knocks, but trust me, its nothing like choosing colours that are there in front of you, existing in their full glory and coming home to empty the bag onto the carpet and watch all the wool bounce about like a bunch of jelly beans. Nothing beats that. Not even 40p!

So below you can see my new yarn stash. A I can't stop peeking it at in a box by the sofa! The boldness of ever ball lifts my soul. Lovely Jubbly! As you can see I have doubled up on my favourites. (I'm afraid my camera hasn't taken the best picture but at least you can see the range of colours. I've done a table below so you can find out the names if you like a colour for yourself).

What they look like together ... gorgeous! J
Midnight 1011
Bright Green 1259
Fiesta 1257
Turquoise 1068
Spring Green 1316
#2 Fiesta 1257
#2 Midnight 1011
Bottle 1009
Fondant 1241
Aster 1003
#2 Bright Green 1259
Candyfloss 1130
Magenta 1084
Cloud Blue 1019
Teal 1062
Bright Pink 1435
Emperor 1425
Sherbet 1034
#2 Spring Green 1316
Fondant 1241
Grape 1067
Bluebell 1082
Meadow 1065
Raspberry 1023
Plum 1061
Lavender 1188
Green 1116
Pomegranate 1083

So I started by using the pattern Bella Dia has blogged. And after doing a row of double crochets in all the above colours it was growing outwards. I was gutted and thought it must be this extra one you add to the end each time ... anyway I sewed in the ends (I do this as I go along at regular intervals because I hate doing it all at the end) and it did pull in the ends and make it sort of straight.

Then my Granny came around and said I needed to do triple crochets instead, otherwise it would take me a life time to finish. Stubbornly I thought "no, i quite like the doubles", however after thinking about it I thought the varied stitch would add charm.

NOW.... I realised last night that it was supposed to be triples all along and Bella must be American (they call tr's dc's!)


So, I'm now having to live with my mistake and and continuing to zoom up each row in triples hoping that once its slung over a seat no one will notice. And I'm sure they won't. Its just a bit stiff and a bit tighter on one end. Oops.... What doesn't kill you makes you stronger I guess .... and for you ease I will follow this post with a nice easy pattern to get you started on this rewarding and easy blanket.

Can you tell where I swapped from doubles to triples?
Seriously, have a go. It's one you can do while having a chat, it's quick zipping up and down the lines and you can make it as big or as little as you want. You could do it in one, two, three, or a hundred colours. In fact have a look at this Ralvery thread for some great ideas on colour schemes.

And if you only learn one thing ... its check if the pattern is USA or UK first. Here's a conversion table for your reference xxx

single crochet (sc)
double crochet (dc)
double crochet (dc)
treble (tr)
half double crochet (hdc)
half treble (htr)
triple crochet (trc)
double treble (dtr)
slip stitch (sl st)
slip stitch (sl st)

Rightio, off to do some more rows. I'll be back later with a pattern.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx have a lovely day xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Kate! I always get confused with crochet conversions too - why can't they all be the same?! I'm more of a knitter but I dip into crochet every now and again. Your blanket looks great! :o)

  2. Hi Kate, found you via Little Tin Bird, can I just add I love Stylecraft and you can buy it for 1.45 gbp at http://www.countrycrafts.org.uk - depending on postage of course, you may save a bundle if you decide to buy more. I have crocheted a few blankets in this yarn and boy do they crochet up nice and keep a good shape and stay soft.
    x Sandi (from Australia)

    1. Oh thank you for that I will completely bare that in mind. Just been and had a look and they stock 50 colours. :)

      Bargin! x


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