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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pampering then Potting

I felt like I wanted to do a mid day blog. I felt a bit mean blogging last night when C wanted some attention after a long day at work. Plus the pictures messed up the layout of the blog and I couldn't fix it so I ended up cutting half of it out. Grrrrr. I was annoyed.

Anyway - I have a good half an hour to sit, think and write.

This morning has been glorious. I woke up early and put a wash on as soon as I rose out of bed. There is nothing more lovely that pegging out fresh smelling washing, knowing the day ahead is going to be sunny. I even pegged up my Tiger Peg Bag for a little airing. I think he looks happy hanging out for the day.

Then it was up for a shower. Our bathroom was finished two weeks ago and it still needs some things like a toilet roll holder, towel rail and mirror but I am really enjoying finding things to put in it. Do you like our Mr and Mrs tooth brush mugs?

I treated myself to a new shower gel because I was dying to smell strawberries. Ohhhhh it was lush lathering up. I can still smell it on my skin now.

And then a quick moisturiser before dressing. You can't beat a bit of CK can you.

This lovely Bluebell Moisturising Body Wash and Cream was a lovely birthday gift from my best friends. She knows me very well. Even when they are gone, I will keep the pretty little containers. They are cute and I adore the colours and patterns CK uses.

Then it was straight to the summer clothes. And of course, a little cute flower clip to keep my hair from going in my eyes when I'm potting all those plants I brought yesterday.

After I was ready and feeling wonderful I was straight out into the garden to catch the morning rays. I started by soaking the hanging basket plants and geraniums in a big bucket.... 

...and left them while I got all the tools ready.

Let me tell you, I enjoyed it. It was so lovely. I didn't want it to end. So I haven't let it end. I thought I'd leave the herbs until tomorrow so I could spread out the joy for a little bit longer.

Here is the two hanging baskets and geraniums looking very tiny in their pots.

You wait - in no more than a couple of weeks they will be looking bigger, and maybe even a few flowers will have appeared!

Well, after feeling so proud of my lovely baskets and pots I just had to treat myself.

Three more lines on my blanket, the sounds of Amy Winehouse, a cup of mocha, three ginger biscuits and some snowies ...... what a feast for the senses!

Don't you just love snowies ... or jazzies as I used to call them.

And what about my moo-baa mug. When I use it I have the moo side facing me. And I like it for milky coffee's.

And when C drinks from it he has the baa side facing him. He likes this mug for soup on a winters day.

Isn't it funny how we have these habits. Funny old humans!

Enjoy your afternoon. xx


  1. I've never heard of snowies before. Obviously I've never lived.
    Love from Mum

  2. Thanks for sharing your sunshine [it is raining...again in Portland, Oregon(:]
    Your post has me smiling seeing your Tigger pin bag, your clever mugs, plants, flower clip, yarn, and snack. What is your job outside your home, Kate? <3

    1. I work for the Fire and Rescue Service. I do all the risk reduction work for an area. It includes working and training other organisations (like police and social care) to notice if a person is at risk of fire. I also work with young people who have been setting deliberate fires, and manage 7 watches at 2 fire stations in all of their prevention work, such as school talks and community day visits.
      Oh, its a man's world. It's nice to be girly on my blog. It's a very rewarding job though and I love it.

      Before I joined the fire service I was a florist, and for a year I worked in a college with and supported students with Asperger's. I've also had a stint as a creative arts tutor in a massive old house where schools came to stay for the week.

      Has the rain stopped yet?

    2. We are still having showers, but at least I have seen a patch or two of blue sky and even a ray of sunshine for a few minutes(:

      So glad you are enjoying your work! All your jobs are interesting. Asperger's seems to be more in the news of late. I have done some reading about it, but not had much experience with those suffering with it. I worked as a teaching assistant in an elementary school, and administator-caregiver at a 5 bedroom eldercare facility, and as a one-on-one tutor.

      Kate, if Blogger sends you an email telling you I replied will you type back to me? I did not get an email that you had replied to my comment, and am wondering if I need to change my settings.

    3. Hi, I do get an email. when you type a comment try the subscribe by email tab underneath. If not your have to check your settings. xxxx

      My sister is a teacher. Im a bit jelous. I love children. It's really hard to be a teaching assistant now due to the recession because they made a lot redundant. It seems like a lovely job though!


  3. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :-)

    What are snowies? I don't know them and am in England like you - perhaps I've missed a blog post where you make them?

    1. They are chocolate buttons covered in sugar sprinkles on ones side.
      Type in Jazzies on google and look at the images. They were a classic Wolworths pick a mix sweet!

      Next time you pass an old fashion sweet shop get some! You are in for a serious treat!


  4. Hey, I have been looking for that mug for many many years, do you by any chance remember where you bought it?? :)


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