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Thursday, 17 May 2012

In loving memory x

Well yesterday was a nice day. Lots to report on though.

I’m currently off work for a couple of weeks after experiencing a sad event (we lost our first pregnancy). The days go up and down like a vicious roller coaster, but it’s nice to spend some time at home and get well again. My husband has also had the week off to look after me and it’s so nice doing things together around the house.

Yesterday we made the most of the sunshine and went and brought some plants in order to make a little memorial in the garden.
The choices we endless, but in the end we went for;

Forget me Not’s – I just absolutely love them. Not only do they look so pretty and delicate but I love the fact that every May they will show their beauty and make sure I never forget. Hopefully they will self seed all over the garden.

Rosemary – for remembrance ... and also roast potatoes, lamb, infused oil ... this will make sure I always visit the special little patch. Every time I pick a sprig it will be in remembrance.

Azalea – This was my husband’s choice for it pretty pink flowers and dark green foliage. You won’t be able to miss this in the garden once it has become established! Apparently it likes tea leaves, so we will save all the tea bags and treat it once a week to the contents!

We prepared the soil and mixed in some homemade chicken manure to give the plants a little helping hand!

Doesn’t it look lovely?

While we were there we also picked up 4 pots of Stocks on clearance for £5! And some groovy little house plants for the living room. Royal Scot. The leaves are bright red and lime green.

I also received some lovely white lilies from my friends at work (Sorry about the picture ... The light from the window was clashing with the white flowers but you can also see the Royal Scot's wither side). And had this card through the post from one of my BFF who is my lady with whom I lunch with!

Finally I got on with some serious crocheting on my blanket.

Oh and just as a final, extra, tiny little cheer me up. I brought some chocolate rabbits...



  1. Hello Kate,
    Your garden is looking absolutely lovely. Hopefully the forget me nots will spread around. xx

  2. Your garden will be beautiful and meaningful. You have brought back memories for me, too, one of those was the picture of your Royal Scot plant which is a coleus plant. It reminded me of my dad who used to grow coleus in his greenhouse along with many other plants. Life moves on but we all need to remember ones we loved.
    Love from Mum

  3. hello, Kate. I have read your blog at times for the past couple of months. I enjoy it very much.
    I am sad for your loss, and lifted in spirit by your lovely garden of memory. I was also deeply touched that your husband took time to be with you and share the days while you heal. What a wonderful couple you must be.
    I pray that, in time, you two will have new life in your little family and rays of light and bubbles of joy to cherish.
    Enjoy that garden space as much as your projects. Healing prayers and Much love <3

  4. Thanks for all of your lovely comments.

    It has been a long week but we are really getting there. The saddness will never go away but acceptance is slowly but surely overcoming the grief.



Thank you so much for your comments! I always read them and will be sure to check out your blog. Kate x