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Monday, 14 May 2012

Sprung into Spring!

Woweeeeeeeee our garden has sprung to life since we got back. The rain from the last three weeks has saturated the ground and the weekend sun has warmed up all the shoots and brought everything to life.

This is the first year in this house and we vowed to leave the garden for a year to see what happened.

So far I'm pretty delightfully happy. Every time a visitor arrives the first thing I do is arm them with a cuppa and walk them proudly up my garden showing off the plants. Each time someone comes they point out a new plant with a new name for me to remember :)

Even the hens are basking in its glory. Hopping around like queens of the castle.

Linda (the true Queen) walking over the little brook bridge ...

Here's Ivy Sue navigating the decking and steps ... actually today she has learnt how to fly up and save herself the bother.
And Jill, my personal favourite, and boy does she know it.

Well what can I say about Jill. She's happy on the lawn looking for worms and other insects.

At the moment it is like a Bluebell Wood. Arrr. Loverly.

I can see honey suckles and clematis starting to bud and ferns starting to sprout ...

And a wonderful display of blues, whites and reds (I wonder if they know its the queens jubilee coming up?!).

I used to have to go out for a blue bell walk but now I can have one right at home. We even have the most beau and delicate white bells. Bliss!

Well I'm off to hook in the garden me thinks ... lets hope the chicks don't think the yarn is a big tasty worm! Time to soak up some rays.


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