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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

When Friends do Lunch (in the sunshine!)

Isn't today the most beautiful day ever! The sun is out yet again, and I've pegged out, yet again ... I must admit I have a slight washing addiction. Today it was the towels and bedsheets. I can't wait to get into fresh sheets tonight! I keep on trying to find things to wash just so I can hang them out in the sunshine!

This morning Mr Postman came with my sewing kit I ordered ..... take a look at this baby!

And guess how much it cost .... £2.99!!!!!!!!!!

Well .. its brilliant. For one penny less that three quid I've got 24 colours of cotton, a selection on needles, a threader, some little cotton scissors (and I was going to invest in some any way!) buttons, tape measures, buttons, safety pins ..... basically everything you need for a little kit. If you want one you can get it here at amazon.

I'm sorry to endorse products, I'm afraid it's not over, I have one more thing later on I need to tell you about!!!

Then I made a delicious rhubarb and apple crumble cake. It was so heavenly, I've spent the last half an hour typing up a recipe for it (my previous blog showing you how you can make it here). I hope you have a go!

Then my lovely friend Dawn came around. She had brought a picnic :) We had turkey salad with pesto and pine nut pasta.

All washed down with the most amazing squash I've ever ever tasted. Strawberry's and Cream Squash, limited edition to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. We had it with soda water and oh boy, it was lovely. You have simply GOT TO try some.

Then we had not just one pudding, but two. Well it would have been rude not to. I'd made my cake, and Dawn had brought round some strawberry's and cream. At least there was probably about one and half of our five a day in that. Plus we had salad for main.

I just love chatting to Dawn, its very girly and very country living. We both enjoy the same types of foods, Saturdays and holidays. Don't you just love friends like that :)

Tonight I am going to make a concerted effort on the felt project ... let's hope I get it done before tomorrow's class!

Thank you as well for all of your comments and I now have five followers. I have really enjoyed blogging and sharing all my experiences with you, and have met some lovely like minded people over the last couple of weeks. I feel really nice about it all.



  1. What a lovely lunch you had! Sounds like you girls had really a lovely time. And the crumble cake looks yummy!! :)

  2. That sounds like my kind of lunch!

  3. Your sewing kit is a handy bargin indeed! (great for quick mending) And a special lunch with a special friend in sunshine is a brilliant treat I am glad you enjoyed! I enjoyed your story of it (:


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