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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Your first blanket

For a perfect and clear description of how to make a Granny Square then look at Little Tin Bird's pattern here .

Little Tin Bird has a wonderful blog, full of inspirational pictures and insight into her world. She also has a little one on the way who she refers to as Tiny Tin Bird. Awww!!

So make up your granny squares .... god speed you! Make as many as you can .... I hooked and hooked until three 100g balls were gone and I couldn't wait to put them together.

Now what I would like to add at this point is .... remember ... this is the first project. Some of my squares were wonky, shorter or longer but once you start joining they even themselves out and stretch or bunch up a little. Basically it will look just fine. And if you have any ones with major error ... just pop them under a pretty jug in the kitchen. They make a brilliant little mat (you will find crochet pops up all over your humble abode).

And then to decide what kind of pattern to go for. I went for the diagonal rows. And used Attic 24 (guru!) for an explanation here of how to join up squares. I can't big up Attic 24 enough. In fact why are you here!!!???? Go there!!!! Read Attick24!!

I actually prefered my blanket with the joinging showing, i felt it gave some definition to the squares and also a contrast in colours.

And there it is! My first blanket. Not perfect but something that I am so into it. I think it will make a lovely present for when my cousin has her first baby.

Anyway - enough about my blanket....Send me links so I can see yours! I want to see them! 


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  1. Your first blanket is very, very nice! I can't believe how quickly you took up with crochet and got a blanket finished. I am not nearly as dedicated -- very, very slow :)


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