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Friday, 4 May 2012

Granny Square Baby Blanket - Choosing Colours

So here is inspiration for a first project if, like me at the time, you are new to hooking.

First thing is first - going to your local wool shop, or on line if you would prefer, and buying some yarn.

I went for something cheap and didn't worry about what kind of wool it was as I just wanted to get started and practise, so splurging seemed silly. However I think I chose well and would really recommend the yarn I have used.

This project is excellent because you can really get to grips with pretty much all you need to know about crocheting, and get really good at it. By the end of this you will be itching to know how to change colours and do other things!

So, you need four colours you lurrrrvvveeee! Three for the granny squares and one as the joining colour. 

I chose Style Craft Special DK Yarn in soft cream, pink and greeny blue and decided to join with a contrasting dark blue. Their names were .....


Midnight 1011

Aspen 1422

Clematis 1390

They just remind me of muted roses, pale peonies, pretty gardens and vintage tea cups ... divine!

When choosing colours go for colours that are inspired by an object you adore or a picture of the natural world. Nature is very good at colour coordination and a great resource when choosing!

Helllllllllooooo pretty colours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So the next blog will be about how to form a granny square and then how to join them up. I'll do this tomorrow ... but in the morning, rise and shine early and choose some beautiful colours!

Have a lovely Friday night.


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