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Hi, My name is Kate and this blog is all about my adventures of happy living. By that I mean crochet, chickens and cooking. Here's to the good life - and being a good wife! xxx

Monday, 21 May 2012

My Secret Garden

Today has been lovely. I got up the same time as C and made him a packed lunch. While he was in the shower I wrote him a note and put it by his toast and tea telling him how much I loved him. It's always nice to start the day on a nice note - don't you think?

Then it was task no 1. Take all the decorating gear we've been storing in the conservatory and then clean the floor. It has literally been the dumping ground since we moved in last October. It has been the grout and plaster mixing room when we were tiling the bathroom. The wood cutting room when doing the spare bedroom wardrobe and the paint hoarding room. And today it became the peaceful, tranquil and relaxing summer room I always dreamt it would be.

My dad came round at 9:30 and gave me a lovely chair for the room. Its so comfy and is defiantly going to be my summer crafts chair. I've positioned it facing out into the garden. Ahhhh its just so blissful!

I nearly forgot how fun it was dressing a room.

I put the rug we got on our honeymoon in Turkey, on the wooden tiles. I just love the pattern. And it reminds me of our special holiday every time I see it. (love)

I've also placed lots of lovely garden books to browse through in the evenings.

Once my work was done I sat
there proudly with a lovely glass of mexican limeade and looked around at my lovely green garden. I think I will spend most of the summer in this lovely outside room. Crocheting of course!

Me and my Dad then went off to the garden centre. I needed some chicken pellets and we deserved a treat.

I’m so afraid of my new found obsession. It is costing me lots. But it is worth every penny. I’ve always wanted a herb garden and have indulged in a six for £10 offer to add to my collection. I got corriander, curry plant, sage, thyme, parsely and tarrogan.

I’ve invested in plants I think I will use and tomorrow I will be busy potting. I have brought enough compost to treated each one to its own pot. This way they will grow big and strong as they begin to spread and crawl.

I am looking forward to the waft of all the herbs when I get home from work and go and let the chicken's out.

Oh, they will be delightful on the summer barbecue or used to add flavor to my cooking.

I will also be planting two beautiful hanging baskets for the front of the house. They will be sure to give visitors a friendly greeting as the walk up the path to the front door. I chose two lovely trailing varietie's of Surfinia. Crazy Pink and Mini Purple.

Finally I couldn't resist getting some geraniums in four different colours. They also will be treated to their own individual pots.

I just love the thought of giving plants space to root and establish without having to fight for precious soil and nutrients with other plants.

I also love the simplicity of have just one pot or hanging basket with one variety and colour plant. They are so striking and visually delicious.

Here they all are, back at home waiting for a soak. You can see my strawberrie's in the pot at the back. 

And if you just look a bit closer ....

I also have some seeds waiting to be planted - oh boy its going to be a busy day tomorrow.

I Can’t wait to watch these grow. And who knows.... maybe in two months time I’ll be putting them into their own adult size pots for the secret garden.

Just before I came in I got all my tools ready...

Oh it’s finally summertime. The chickalata's are gorging in their dust baths. Here's Ivy.

 The sunshine is out!!!!! The ladybirds, bees and butterflies are basking in its glory, and plants are revealing new found secrets every day.



  1. Hi Kate! I just found you and read through all your posts and enjoyed getting to know you a bit. I am 61 and am guessing you are around my youngest daughter's age, but I share your delight in creative efforts, chickens, gardens and beauty in general.

    I just entered the blogging world last August and find it fun and inspiring as I view other delightful sites like yours. I am adding you to my blog roll and look forward to viewing your future posts!

    Over thirty years ago my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage early on. I care about your loss of your little one.

    After nearly 38 years of marriage, my husband died of heart disease in 2009, but in our happy years together we gathered two adopted sons, two foster daughters for a few years, and then we had two daughters naturally. I am grateful.

    If you would like to visit me, you can find me on Blogger at

    I live near Portland, Oregon, USA.

    Blessings to you and yours, Kate (:
    Gracie <3

    1. Thank you Gracie for your lovely comment.

      I'm so sorry about your loss, and of your husband as well. I thnk losing someone is the horrible part of life. It's so difficult to say goodbye to loved ones.

      Blogging is gving me something nice to do every day and has certainly made me feel like I have so much to be thankful for. Who would bother posting anything that they weren't grateful of? What a dull blog!

      The blogging world is full of gracious people who love all the tiny things in the world. Every blog you dive into shines light on a new thing that is wonderful. Even if you don't like what they are writing about it is still lovely to read about something they obviously love!

      I'm 25. How old is your daughter?

      K x

    2. My youngest daughter will be 29 November 9, 2012.

      Thank you for caring about my losses, too. I believe in everlasting life through Christ, and my growing relationship
      with God through Christ encourages me to mourn loss, yet embrace life with enthusiasm now. It is a curious combination of facts and feelings, but a foundation of peace and joy for me.

      I agree that the blogging world is full of gracious people who love and appreciate much...and I tend to shy away from viewing those who do not(:

      I am so glad your granny taught you to crochet, and you decided to blog about it and your life! <3


Thank you so much for your comments! I always read them and will be sure to check out your blog. Kate x