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Monday, 28 May 2012

Variations of Chives on a Sunday Afternoon

Today has been my first day back at work. It was so lovely to see everyone again. I work in a lovely fire station and everyone has each others best interests at heart. We really look after each other. 

Anyhow .. yesterday I went to my Mum's house and thought I'd show you her new little teacup. It is SO gorgeous. I really want it ... oh lovely tea cup ....

The she let me have a rummage through the button jar. My mum is so uncraftful its untrue. She hates sewing, hates knitting and hates making things. I defiantly don't take after her in that department. She let me have all of these though.

Can you see the lovely big black button at the front? If you look closely it's a post office button (strange, I know!), I'm sure it will really compliment my patriotic felt decorations.

What a find!

I can hear you all saying, so what's the title about Kate!!???

I now come to my main theme of the blog. I have a very successful chive plant growing at the top end of the garden, which came in to very good use for Sunday tea.

Let's discuss Sunday tea for a bit, if you don't mind.

You've had a huge sunday lunch so don't want much, but its your last bite to eat of the weekend so you want something nice and worth while. A pick me up, if you may.

Usually on a Sunday me and Craig have different things. I take the philosophy that; a little bit of what you fancy doesn't hurt you, on a Sunday. Let them eat cake, I say!

We only had one egg, which was defiantly mine seen as Craig had two for his breakfast, so that was me decided .... egg mayonnaise sandwich a la Katherine (I'll explain in further detail in a minute).

Craig fancied a lovely salad, with German sausage, gherkins and bread and butter (you can now see why I like separate things on a Sunday, as this options is most defiantly a man option).

My sandwich consisted of lots of chives, a perfectly done boiled egg and lots of cracked black pepper. My secret is to do this while the egg is still warm and then allow it to cool in the fridge. It allows all the flavours to combine and develop.

 And this is the finished mix .... yummy! See how yellow it is, even when its diluted with mayonnaise. You soooo can't beat free range eggs.

Then it was Craig's turn. A zingy, chivy, oily dressing for his perfect man salad. Firstly I put the chives and all the tomato pips that had ended up on the chopping board.

And then added ..... salt, pepper, garlic, chili, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, cider vinegar and olive oil.

These are the perfect Sunday tea, his and hers, chive using, finished products.

 Which one would you go for?

Kate xxxxx


  1. Definitely the egg! I LoVe eggs and those sandwiches look so scrummy!
    Victoria xx

  2. Yes, Kate, the egg it is! We just got a chive plant put in a wooden pot out in the yard, and I hope it develops as well as yours has.
    So glad to hear your work day went well!
    My mom had a wonderful collection of buttons she kept in an old cigar box. I loved going through them as a child. I imagine you will enjoy finding just the right project for each of the buttons your mom shared with you <3

  3. Handsdown, egg sandwich. It is what I am having for breakfast in a few hours.
    I adore buttons of every kind! My grandma had jars of them, and I wish I had them now. My mom did, too. Both my mom and her mom were so great at all kinds of sewing and crafting. But due to being left-handed, I am self-taught on all that I do.
    My mom loves tea cups, and would be soooo jealous of your mom's teacup. What a special cup and saucer it is! Thanks for sharing.


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