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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Vintage Easy Peasy Treble Blanket

My version of the famous Bella Dia Vintage Vertical Stripe Blanket. I find this is quicker to make and slightly more flexible.

So to start you blanket you need to do a chain. My chain is 220 long. To be honest just keep going until you think it’s long enough. My stripes are vertical, but if you want to do a horizontal Afghan or for a child’s blanket then you will want to do a lot less than me.

Chain = ch

Treble = tr

Slip stitch = sl st

For the purpose of this pattern I have done ch20 (don’t worry it’s not wasted, I’m going to make a scarf) - you just pretend is a lot bigger!

When you get to the end of your chain, ch3 more. This makes your turning chain, or your first tr.

The zip back along, going into every space with tr’s.

When you reach the last space do an extra tr (so you have 2tr), cut off your yarn and knot off.

Flip it all over, pick another colour and slip knot onto your hook.

Insert into the space formed by the two tr’s.

Yarn over, pull through the slip knot.

3ch and you know what to do .... tr all the way back.

Don’t forget the extra tr in the last space.

Now keep repeating, repeat until you’re done. Start in the V created by the double crochet.

Tr all the way along, do 2tr in the last space ....

and knot off...

Go Hooker!

Now my blanket is coming along swimmingly ... I'll let you know when I'm done.

K x

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  1. What a lovely tutorial! Thank you for sharing!!!


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