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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lichfield Love

 I was getting a bit annoyed this morning when doing my felt birds. Over the past couple of months I've acquired so much stuff. Reel's of thread, felt scraps, templates, needles, buttons ... the list is endless.

And the other day when my day was putting up a curtain rail and stood on a needle I knew I had to get organised.

The only slight bit of organisation was a gorgeous tine for my hooks. And I must say I pull it out proudly, and people admire not only its beauty, but my organisation.

So hellloooo - time to get a big nice sewing box for my kit. Of to town .....

You can't beat a little trip to your local town. Mine happens to be the cathedral town of Lichfield. Full of cafes, trinket shops and pubs. Pretty much everyone knows everyone and it's great ... unless your having a bad hair day, or forget your wearing your slippers whilst in Tesco's!

Look at the town, getting readying for something special me thinks ;)

And a lovely view of the bunting for the beer balcony (yes, I had to slip in a swift one, it would be rude not to have my wonderful concoction of raspberry and vanilla vodka with lemonade and a slice of lime ... have you ever had drumstick lollies ... well this drink is the same flavour!).

After my drink I remembered about my pile of crafty goodness waiting on the living room carpet, waiting to be homed in a lovely box.

And that's where The Sewing Shop came in.

The Sewing Shop is situated on the main drag down into town. It's placed there so ever time I go into town I HAVE to go in there. It knew even before I born it had to be situated there because one day Kate won't be able to resist temptation and not visit me. I see the door frame smile as it catches me on my way down. I can't even walk on the other side of the road because I swear the letter box is a magnet.

Today I was welcomed with lots of red white and blue goodies. They even had some ribbons, similar to the one I used on the felt birdies. They will defiantly come in handy for some teacups and Scottie dogs.

I also was dying to get a french knitting needle, and just above it, in full Sewing Shop Stylee, was a big version of my little tin.


The two go hand in hand like birds of a feather ♥


 As soon as I got through the door I was busy arranging. I found a lovely tiny jam jar for my buttons. And a little ring box called "coloured rocks" which I filled with sequins and beads ... this now my Diamonds and Pearls Box aka the Prince Box (get it? no, just me then?).

And there you have it, a Miss Organised and terribly content Crafter :)

 Now all I need is a Daddy Tin, roughly the size of a wardrobe.



  1. Your blog is lovely, I've bookmarked your rhubarb and apple recipe :) The birds look very patriotic and I had to order some ribbon xx

  2. I love your tins!! They are so lovely and a pretty way to get organised. :)

  3. I do love organising crafty things and your tins are perfect!


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