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Hi, My name is Kate and this blog is all about my adventures of happy living. By that I mean crochet, chickens and cooking. Here's to the good life - and being a good wife! xxx

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

no1 post .... yipeeee!

Well Hello!

Welcome to my first post. A little bit scary because I have been thinking long and hard about what I want to blog about and why .... but I guess I'll have to see where it takes me. I thought I could blog about the following list as a way of recording my next exciting couple of years ....
  1. My new crochet hobby ... as I work full time I miss knit and natters and boy do you want someone to show your work off to, and talk about colours, and patterns, and shops and so many other things!! My husband is already going stir crazy at me showing him the last 10 stitches I've done every time he enters the room. Hopefully this will be a great outlet for me :)
  2. My new chicken ...we are the proud owners of three, and then five, new hens. It truly is an adventure a day with them!
I'm sure I'll be throwing in lots of other things such as new recipes I've been baking, talking about places I've been to and sharing links into other amazing blogs and websites to get those creative cogs turning and flowing!

Already this is far more sophisticated and personal that Facebook - I feel I am already a fan of this blogging world :)

Speak soon xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Enjoy this new adventure! Beware the 'To Do' list you'll be making when browsing Blogland...there's not enough yarn and time to do all you want :-)

    1. Thank you Stel. I look forward to following you aswell. You have some lovely photos at a glance! I couldn't wait to get home and write blog no 2! You are right about more time .... us women could do with one more hour I think x

  2. Oh what a lovely blog - my granny loved to crochet and I am trying to learn at the moment - I have a large granny square on the go :-)

    How are you doing with the hens? We are considering getting three later in the summer. Bee x


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