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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Granny Really Did Teach Me How To Crochet

So I thought it only right to introduce you to my blog in a proper fashion ...


A few weeks ago I went up to North Yorkshire to see my Grandad who was in his last days. It was a very dreary couple of days and I treasure the last moment I spent with him. I was also really upset to see my Granny so destressed and as a method of distraction I asked her to teach me how to knit. She replied "I hate knitting but I'll show you how to crochet." To be frank I'd never really ever spent a moment thinking I'd like to crochet. I didn't even know anything about it, but that Saturday afternoon my Granny taught me how to form a chain, double crochet and triple crochet and my Grandad slept beside me (and it seems apt to add my husband gratefully got to watch the rugby in peace!).  

... to celebrate and remeber the special love between my grandparents xxx They made it to their Golden Anniversay and I will always be reminded of their love for each other when I look at my own love for my husband.
The next morning I got up and it was the first thing I thought about. I knew I must go home being able to at least make something! So I learnt how to do a square from an old pattern for a blanket. I was so hooked I couldn't stop trying to finish it all the way home.

 However that week it was back to the daily grind and all things crochet were a simple memory.... until the next precious weekend when I purchased this book .... Crochet Unravelled: A Clear and Concise Guide to Learning Crochet by Claire Vojczuk .... I couldn't wait for it to arrive!!! And when it did ..... The rest they say is history!!

I won’t bore you with a review ... there are plenty on Amazon (see the link at the bottom), but this book was just great to start from the beginning again. I really got to learn and understand everything from the chain to new treble crochets, to working in rows and rounds, and then to the magical and the MUST LEARN HOW TO MAKE SO I CAN SEND ONE TO GRANNY .... I CAN’T BELIVE THERE IS SOMETHING IN HERE CALLED THE GRANNY SQUARE (now realising it is the most popular crochet pattern in the world!) .... I CAN’T BELIEVE I CAN ACTUALLY READ AND FINISH THIS PATTERN!!!! .... Popped it in the post and my Granddad kept it by his bed in hospital J

So every hook and yarn, every project I embark on is in memory of my lovely Granddad and most of all my lovely Granny. The Granny That Taught Me Crochet.

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