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Friday, 18 May 2012

Felty Goodness, Felty Fun.

So, my class last night. It was brilliant.

Before I set off my friend came round with some gorgeous flowers for me! What timing! I’d just been pondering on how to take some cuttings from Ivy (to grow up the horrible concrete fence). I read lots about it and decided I was going to take some strong cuttings and let them root in a vase of flowers before planting ... all I needed was some flowers.

Beautiful, tiny, delicate, orange roses and spray carnations, complimented with some foliage from my garden. How country cottage! Cue the sigh!

So back to the interesting subject ... Jenny's Craft Class !!!!!!!!

There were about 10 ladies there and the class is run by a lovely couple who know everything about crafts. It is set in the shop with a backdrop of a wool wall, crafty tools and then the front of the shop is full of all the beautiful handmade things you could ever imagine. Things I didn’t know existed!

Everyone started with a bit of a knit and natter using their own projects and there were things like chunky short sleeve jumpers, Tunisian crocheted cushions (oh my lord I have to learn how to do that and then show you!) and granny squares.

Guess What!!!!!!! .....  I pulled out my blanket and they loved it!

I think I’m going to be the bright colours project girl! They even said it didn’t matter about the double crochet mistake. They said – “Just do it again at the end,” .... well guess what girls – I will!

(I’m so sorry I can’t show you these amazing things, I felt that if I pulled my camera out they might think I was some sort of spy. I brought up blog land in conversation and it was a new concept, but I’m sure after a few weeks I will be able to start snapping away.)

So then everyone got started on their “class” projects. By that I mean things they needs some help with, things they have been learning or a group project which is to make a knitted doll to send to Africa. I thought that idea was lovely.

Oh, and I almost forgot. 7 o’ clock is tea and biscuits o’ clock. Yummy!

Me and another newbie sat together and learnt how to use felt.

Now, I'm going to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the felt look, however once Jenny pulled out a big wedge of bright coloured felts I was lost in choosing a colour for the night.

Look what I made...

So I’ve learnt how to make a felted flower brooch. Now what do you think?

True my sewing was not the neatest but I have some time to practise. I also learnt how to make a pretty flat flower which I guess will be useful to know for paper crafts, blankets, wall hangings etc. 

And then I came home with some new crafty exciting things.

I brought some red white and blue felts ... I fell a theme coming on.....

I also treated myself to some new bight pink craft pins, oh go on then, I'll take some lime green felt to go with them as well ...

I also treated myself to some new needles, and ten brooch pins. I'm sure they will come in handy this week!

Finally I also came home armed with a good handful of scraps. Waste not, want not. I'm sure they will come in use!

So this week I’m going with a Jubilee themed felt project. A bit of a side line to my blanket and I’m very excited. I’ve got so many ideas buzzing around my head.
Do I want a pin cushion. Yes!
Do I want some more brooches? Yes!
Do I want to make some kind of garland to hang on patriotic days to come? Yes!
One thing I know is I want to make something new. I want to create something and take it back next week and show off my creative side.
So I have Four aims this week to keep me occupied;

1.       Practise the flower brooch one more time and make a pattern to share on my blog.

2.       Create a new pattern for a felty project and make it by next Thursday’s class. Take it to show them ... and show you!

3.       Do 35 more colourful rows on my ever growing, enchanting vintage vertical stripe crocheted blanket.
4.     Make a pin cushion to show off my new groovy pins.

Right I think I better get my skates on :)
Speak soon! xxxxx

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