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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sleepy Sunday Morning

Good morning! If you were here I would sing you this....

I couldn't lie in much this morning. To much on my mind....

  1. The sun is already out, and the sun certainly holds no prisoners.
  2. I am back to work tomorrow and after three weeks off it is slightly daunting. But enough about that. I have just got to be bold!
  3. I have got the knitting. Got as in, I can do it. It's so exciting when the penny finally drops. You can't wait to get stated again.
  4. I feel a slight niggle of hay fever.
  5. I am seeing my nan today when we go around for Sunday lunch (oh yes, its lamb!) at my mum and dads. I get too excited when I am going to see grandparents of any sort. They know too much about things like gardens, pastry and crafts ... I have to sponge it up.
Here is the second pretty knitted flower I've made.

Won't it just look perfect on a little hair clip? Just 2 more to go. And then I must do a felty kinda badge for my two boy cousins.

I am the oldest cousin, in fact at 25 I am 17 years older than my eldest cousin, so I guess I more like an auntie. But auntie - cousin's get to spoil and take out their lovely little ones and treat them to lots of lovely things. I like being an auntie - cousin! :)

Here is our friends little boy at the BBQ we went to yesterday. He is two and a half, absolutely adorable, and when he saw me in my sunglasses, he put on his swimming goggles. He sat on my knee looking at me through them thinking he looked all grown up and cool. It was hilarious!

These were the sausages we had. They were the nicest sausages I have had in ages. You can't beat butchers sausages can you?

So, I'm not going to stay long, I have a thirsty garden to water, chickalata's to let out, 2 more glitter roses to make, 10 more lines on my vertical stripe blanket to hook (remember I set myself a goal of 35 this week ... well I've struggled - how can you have so much blanket on your legs when its this hot!) and some felty teacups and Scottie dogs to make.

In the warmth of the outside garden. ❀ Sigh.



  1. Sounds blissful! I think I may play hooky in the garden too ;-)

  2. Ooh enjoy your Sunday lunch - love lamb! And those knitted flowers are sooo pretty!
    Victoria xx

  3. What fun! Thanks for the rousing *Good Morning!* Your knitting is looking lovely, and your gatherings sounded like happy yummy ones(: I'll be thinking of you as you launch into your work week, and pray that it will go well.

  4. Hi Kate!
    Sounds like you had a lovely sunday despite the hay fever.
    Here is the link to my giveaway: http://thehomenest.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/calling-all-crochet-fans.html
    Ha, I thought I was the only cousin-auntie around. :D


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