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Monday, 14 May 2012

I'm back from the city.

So I'm back from Barcelona and have lots of snaps ... too many in fact. 466 in total - which I've whittled down to 30 ... I've got a few more which I will leak them throughout the week as they didn't really have any relation to Barcelona - but they are good arty / museum ones and deserve some sort of show case.


We just had to try the best meat balls in town as recommended by the Guardian. They were delicious.

A selection of fishy tapas ... the presentation really says it all. Yummy.

We walked past this little bar advertising a glass of Rioja and Tapas of the day for 2.90 Euros .... well you cant say no to that. It was divine. Little parcels of vegetables with olives on the side.

 Sagrada Familia

The Cathedral designed by Gaudi was amazing. We stayed right near it so we could get in the line early. It has 2,000,000 visitors a year! And here are a few reasons why!

The centre piece ....

The stain glass windows shine light onto the twisting concrete pillars through the day.

Twisting and curling staircases and ceilings .... believe it or not ... all inspired by vegetables and the natural world. Can you spot an asparagus tip!?

Gaudi chose to use Turtles instead of Gargoyles to ward of evil spirits.

A collection bowl using a huge shell foraged by Gaudi. He was inspired by the sea in nearly everything he did.

Park Guell

A little bit out of the centre of the city and up a massive hill. There are escalators to help you up but C - AKA he who knows best, took us the long way ... we were shattered. But look what was there to greet us when we finally made it!

Wonky structures to hide in.

You can't even walk past the railings without stopping to take a look.

Amazing mosaic sculpture's and features ...

Casa Batllo

This was my favourite. I felt like I was somewhere in the middle of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, a Dali painting and a trip on magic mushrooms ... everything is inspired by the movement of the sea and nautical creatures. To me it was clear and true, it didn't have the pomp and circumstance of the cathedral. It was Gaudi at his best.

 The grand hallway - a sea cave?
He used every possible was to get light into a room.

The terrace (somewhere around the middle floor). This was space for hanging plants ... how amazing ... summer project anyone?

On the roof ... inspired by St George, the patron saint of Barcelona, and the dragon.

The Attic ... looks like fishy bones and rib cages ... or so the audio guide said!

Everything was smooth and touchable. The wood was curvy and polished.

Through the centre of the house was a massive light shaft. Wow!

Further delights of Barcelona ....

A door handle!

Casa Milla
The roof of the art museum :) I stood there for ages!

We are blessed to live on the edge of Cannock Chase (An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty ... and just to prove it check it out on the www!).We are really out doors people and like nature and space. So a city break is an unusual choice - but it was great for the soul.

Seeing millions of people dashing about, using all modes of public transport, seeing buildings go on for miles any time you get up high and having endless choice of where to eat, drink and sleep.

Cities really are amazing. They just remind you of the world and the vastness of it. Going there just reminded me of a song I used to listened to by a band called Lamb. Lou (the singer) has a real way of putting emotions into words. If you get a moment go and listen to it.

Sometimes I climb high above the city, and see all the lights shining there so pretty.
And think of the millions of lives going on, at this present moment and those come and gone.
And it makes me float free, to see how small my life must be.
Lamb - Small (of the album What Sound)

This weekend we've been busy unpacking, doing chores such as washing clothes, cleaning out the chickens and I've been crocheting like there is no tomorrow. More on the chickolata's (as C calls them) and crocheting mishaps later.


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