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Hi, My name is Kate and this blog is all about my adventures of happy living. By that I mean crochet, chickens and cooking. Here's to the good life - and being a good wife! xxx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Apocalypse !!!!

Did anyone else see the end of the world yesterday??

Dear God!

There was thunder, lightening, hail, snow, rail, gales, sunshine, darkness ... all at the same time!!!!!

The chickens didn't know what to do!

Jill even popped out an egg in the middle of the pen, right there and then. Poor little thing. Not expecting much when I crack that one into a frying pan, huh?!

Once it was all over, and I counted my lucky stars I was still alive, me and C braved the outside and treated them to a big fat meal of something called delicious.

Overdone, starchy, sticky, big, fat rice. Stirred into some leak and potato chunky soup, with a sprinkling of wild bird seed.

Still a bit warm, and ohhhhhhhhhh boy, did the gorg on it!

The sun has got it's hat on today though! Hip Hip Hip Horray!



  1. Wow! I heard it was going to get chilly, but had my fingers crossed it wouldn't! Where abouts are you? We've just been talking at work about how there's a month left until the longest day, and then it'll slowly start getting darker in the evenings again - it's like we're missing the summer this year! I love the happy chicken picture - bless! :o)

    1. West Midlands. It was Crazy!

      I went to a little craft village this afternoon and it's all everyone was talking about.

      Don't we just love weather subjects heh!?

  2. Hi, I've just blog hopped here from Bunny Mummy and stayed and read you whole blog. Well done to your Granny for teaching you to crochet and good luck with your blogging.
    Love from Mum


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