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Friday, 1 June 2012

Creative Juices

I don't know how to explain it other than I feel like my creative juices are running over time at this week.

My little nogin is full of loads of ideas! I want to make so many things I need to start writing down them all down..

As you know last night was my knitting class and it was fab! I learnt lots more techniques by making two tiny little leaves for my pink glitter flowers.

I can now do the following;

Cast on, knit, purl, decrease, increase and cast off. And follow a simple pattern! I am most pleased with myself!

Here are my leaves... please let me know if you want a tutorial on leaves and flowers. They are really easy, but soooo effective and Jenny wrote it down so I could share it with you. She is not really an Internet type of lady but she loves me telling her about all the bloggingness!

This is the flower on leaf 1.

 This is leaf 1.

And this is the more complicated, but by far better, leaf 2. Plus the wool is luxurious :)

Now I just want share with you three lovely things that I get to enjoy on the walk to my class from the car. You'll just love this .....

I think the reason I love this kind of old farming machinery is because my grandad had a small holding. He had an old Fergie Tractor and lots of battered farmy equipment.

I've been trying to find some photos, and its really brought me back to the good old days of spending holidays is the Lake District at my lovely Grandparent's house. I will try and get some photo's scanned in and share a blog on Roundthorn - then name of the small holding - one day.

                 *              *              *

Were you just thinking that was it on the crafty front .... I think not my friend!

I am loving doing the vinatge vertical strip blanket, however the continuous triple up and down lines is quite mind numbing. Which, let's be honest, is lovely when you want to watch the TV out of the corner of your eye, or engage in conversation, or let your mind wonder. But we all need a more complex and creative project to keep our minds on task and push ourselves further.

So I brought three new acrylic wools.

Rose, Inke Gold and Saxe Blue of New Fashion Double Knitting by Woolcraft.

It's lovely and bright and also kind to the purse stings. As it is 100% acrylic yarn I only have DK Special Stylecraft to compare it to and I was not disappointed. It doesn't feel quite as lovely, but the price is cheaper, and I need something slightly stiff for the type of project I am about to embark on ....

I picked these colours because I wanted to create something special. Something that is a tradition for my and my family for years to come.

Birthday Bunting :)

And these colours couldn't stop reminding me of birthday card and balloons when I was little. They are so happy and bubbly. How can you not feel a sense of joy when you feast your eyes upon colours like that!!!!!!!

I will be sure to post a tutorial in the future, however I'm going to follow my heart on this one. I've got many ideas, but we will see how it pans out. I definitely want at least 16 flags in these three colours and the words Happy Birthday on them. Then I think I will go to town on decor. Maybe think up a pattern for crochet balloons, candles and cakes to decorate the flags .... whooooo knows! All I can be sure of is that I am sooooo very excited about my new family traditional birthday bunting.

Here is flag number one.

Now, just for one final thing ... I would like to introduce you to one of my friends.

This is my lovely Gisela Graham cream jug. Brought very kindly my my Granny (who I am going to see today, hence the early post, but I will post about my day to come over the weekend xxx).

My jug, referred to as she, has a beautiful distressed butterfly on the side and is the pride of the Sunday dinner table when I get pudding out.

I have filled her with flowers from my garden this week. Not big flowers, but tiny, delicate bright flowers. What do you think?

Looking at that has just made me realise why I went for the pink, yellow and blue wool for my bunting! And why I loved it so much.  I obviously associated these colours with my happy little butterfly-jug garden-flower display!

Isn't it funny how we are subconsciously swayed into loving and hating things!

Have a superb day and make every minute count.

Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Lovely post! Well done you - the knitted flowers are looking fab! I do love a red telephone box! Crochet bunting is next on my list but struggling with getting it to look triangular shaped!
    Victoria xx

  2. Yes please do a tutorial on how to knit leaves. And thank you for sharing your projects and posies and pitcher, too. I enjoyed your walk to class, also and look forward to your future posts! Joy to you! Gracie <3


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