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Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Friday before the Jubilee

Yesterday I had such a happy day.

My Granny (taught me to crochet) came to visit my home. It's the first time she has been since we moved in. We had  extra chunky cookies and coffee in the conservatory and spent a couple of hours gardening (she made me pull out some buttercups as they were starting to take over). We then headed off into town with my lovely sister.

Last week I mentioned in a post about all the flags and bunting in Lichfield but this week it was like a massive red, white and blue explosion had happened!

We first went and visited the famous Sewing Shop who were holding a fabulous indoor street party.

We were greeted with Pimms and Lemonade (my favourite),

and there was a beautiful spread of simply delicious English cakes and deserts.

We didn't have a go at the mini bunting because we were too busy looking at all the pretty things we could buy. We must have spent fifteen minutes gazing at the glorious button wall!

We said our goodbyes and then did a LOT of window shopping. Here are three of my favourites!

A florist - look at that stunning vase of gypsophola, statis and roses.

This one was a charity shop display with original newspaper cuttings from the coronation.

and a gift shop. Loving the Emma Bridgwater Truly Great tins. I think I might treat myself to one for my patriotic felt decorations so I can remember this glorious occasion.

After a wander through the streets I treated myself to a few lovely things.

Two books .... both absolutely brilliant and deserve their own posts! So watch this space!

I the brought some strawberries .... the smell from this display was divine. I will be making some British Eaton Mess on Monday with these!

And some big fat juice cherries! Which were all snaffled last night during an episode of Gardeners World!

We then crashed out with all of our shopping at The Spark. The Spark is a uber cool cafe with loads of events, from knit and natters to book clubs to dice and decks on a Sunday night. This is when you can bring your own records to play on the decks and they provide all the games.

Look at all our shopping in the corner!!

I had a delicious melted chocolate. This isn't just hot chocolate, this is melted chocolate buttons, with whipped cream on the top. Heaven, right there. Look.

We all shared some delicious twice cooked chips with rock salt. Yummy!

And finally (I'm sorry for the long post, but you've got to admit there is so much to tell you about when the country is so exciting right now!), some pictures to help set the cafe scene.

Absolutely love these flying birds painted up the stairs. Simple but so effective!

And who remembers Opal Fruits?? For those of you who don't they were the original name of Starburst's. This was on the toilet wall. I wonder how many other people have photographed this whilst on the loo?!

A cute Scottie door stop.

And here you were thinking we'd escaped the bunting! Who were you trying to kid!

Off to muck out the chickens now! Speak soon xxxx


  1. Looks like the makings of a perfect day!

  2. Hello sweet Kate, What a delightful post! I enjoyed every single beautiful photo! Oh, the Jubilee celebrations look like such fun! I love all of the bunting! I love bunting! All of the displays are so pretty and patriotic! I am so glad you and your dear ones enjoyed such a lovely outing with good food and lovely finds! The books look fantastic, and those strawberries and cherries so yummy, as everything does! I hope you continue to enjoy the celebrations and have a very beautiful weekend! Thank you for visiting me and for your kind words! Love, Paula xo

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful day! Those books look lovely!
    Enjoy the weekend, Victoria xx

  4. What a lovely day! I could almost smell those strawberries myself! Yummy! Rachel x

  5. Hi Kate! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like the Jubilee celebrations are in full swing and you are enjoying the weekend. Take care xx

  6. That looks like the most wonderful day ever! I took a bite out of my computer screen over that melted chocolate...oh, swoon.


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