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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Coffee Table Books ... Easy Cake Decorating

I have decided to add a new "label" entitled - coffee table books.

This is another obsession of mine. Receiving, buying and giving coffee table books. The kind with big colourful pictures and not much text. Visually simulating and creatively inspiring. The type of book that looks great on the coffee table and gives your personality away in seconds to a new visitor.

So, bring on the first coffee table book that I am going to share with you.

A steal at £4 from my local The Works. How could I not???!!!

N.B. I have decided not to comment on each picture ... this would defeat the object of a coffee table book - pictures paint a thousand words and all that.

So there you have it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, affective cakey ideas. I've just searched amazon and you can get it here for £5.05

There must be over 30 ideas (above is just my favourite selection). Pretty covered Scottie dogs, slowly melted lollies, crystallised pansies and home made french fancies. Can't wait to get baking! Especially now I have an abundance of fresh eggs to play with! Which leads me nicely onto my tea!

Spanish Omelet a'la Craig!

Yummy. :)

I wonder if the new eggs are all thanks to our lovely neighbour who drops off lots of veggie patch scraps for them?

He always comes to visit on a Saturday about 11ish - just after I've cleaned their house out. Doesn't it look lovely!

Here they all are enjoying their new fresh cage ...

Night night everyone. xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. What a visual feast!

  2. I want that book!!!! I wish I was that creative when baking!!!

  3. Lovely book, Kate :o) Your chickens look adorable!
    Have a nice day

  4. One of my obsessions too Kate! That book looks lovely! Scrummy looking omlete too!
    Victoria xx


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