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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Notebooks at the ready girls!

I’m so thrilled we have an army of bloggers with note books at the ready.
One thing blogging has taught me is to notice and appreciate things around me. And be grateful for the happiness they bring.
Let’s face it – most of the things we all report on are the small, every day things that we have somehow been filled with the mighty blogging confidence to write about. Things that would get us a right reputation for being “boring” or “a little on the odd side”! However, we all have great joy in photographing, describing and sharing those every day things.
On a completely different note. Let’s talk notebooks. I cannot imagine for one second that I am the only person in the world who on receiving a new, fresh and delightful note book, follows this pattern;
1.       Gaze at front cover and flick through the pages.
2.       Fall in utter head over heels with the beauty of each fresh unwritten page.
3.       Decide that one’s handwriting will bring shame and ugliness to such a nice note book.
4.       Put in a nice place and probably never really look back at it again.
I have decided (and please let me know if you’re with me on this one) that typing aka word processing makes us all have a certain confidence in writing how we feel and sending it out to the masses. I was brought up on MSN, MySpace and Facebook, and never hand wrote anything again throughout my degree, apart from scribbled notes, which were evidently “typed up” after. And at work; nothing is ever hand written, apart from the occasional scribbled post it note.
So, I waffle!
For the last week I have bravely marked pages of a new notebook given to me by my mother in law. I must admit I pondered on passing it on as a nice gift for a birthday, or putting it on the bedside table in the spare room (?!?!?). And then I thought; Nahhhh! This book will be used to record all the things that make me happy. So if the Internet breaks, and is never fixed; all my records of all the things I blog about and record will never be lost because they are in my note book.
Here is my proposal / Brief / mission should you choose to accept it.
·         Get a beautiful note book you have stashed away in your under bed draw.
·         Get that precious pen that you’ve never used.
·         Take a sharp intake of breath.
·         And write on the first page...... REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL.
Then on a Sunday we should share our weekly recordings on our page. To help inspire...... I will share my first “reason’s to be cheerful”. But don’t laugh... to show ones handwriting to the blogging world, is like rocking up to work, naked!

So who's with me?



  1. Hi Kate! What a great post! I am definitely a 'new notebook page purist'! The idea of 'spoiling' those wonderful crisp pages with my scribbles always fills me with fear and trepidation. I have a beautiful pink leather journal that my mum-in-law gave me...three years ago! I have yet to put pen to paper, and to write those first words on the first page! You have just inspired me to be braver, and I shall do my best to accept this challenge...I think...yip, the thought of sharing my penmanship with the blogging world leaves me feeling like a Scottsman in a kilt on a gusty day! Tania ♥

  2. Kate! This is a brilliant idea! I was given a handmade paper journal YEARS ago and have not wanted to assault it with my scribbles, but reasons to be cheerful is just the right way to fill its pages! Thanks for your inspiration:) And I thoroughly enjoyed your reasons to be cheerful this week, by the way.
    Joy to you and yours,
    Gracie <3

  3. Challenge accepted :) well I will try anyway, the very though has given me writers block, haha but I will do my very best!
    Victoria xx

  4. Love it, and it'll be so good to look back over. Now to choose from my pile of pretty carefully put away notebooks :) x

  5. I love a new notebook, but I always end up ripping pages out for the shopping list or scribbling patterns in! Well no more! I will buy a new notebook tomorrow (and crochet a cover) and start writing again.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. I'm always nosy about writing and this drew me in. I love the mix of 20th and 21st century handwriting combined with blogging (you know what I mean!)

    Wish I could draw a unicorn too.

  7. Kate - I'm in. I have probably TEN unused-because-they-are-so-beautiful-and-I-will-mess-them-up notebooks. Now, which one to use . . .
    Thanks for the idea and the motivation.


  8. I still wrote on a notebook. Even not as much as blogging. But I don't draw anything on my notebook :(. I can't draw.. so honestly, I felt bit jealous on your 'cheerful' notebook.
    Anyway.. I'll take ur challenge ;)

  9. Hi Kate,just found you through tangled sweetpea and have become your newest follower.I love crochet so am looking forward to following you to see what makes you come up with...
    I love note books and have far too many.I find I'm always jotting things down since starting blogging,recipies,crochet patterns,etc.Love your illustrations:)And hope to join in the reasons to be cheerful challenge too,take care,love juliex

  10. Ohhh, please can I join in too? This is such a wonderful idea :)

    Your list of 4 things with notebooks resonates so loudly with me! I adore notebooks, I covet every one I don't have, I can't go in to Paperchase for fear of bankruptcy, yet I rarely write in any; if I do sully any fresh pages it is almost always a dull, practical one that I write in

    I am off to rootle thorough my stash of pretty notebooks and will post next Sunday, I promise!

  11. I really want to join in - I have some lovely notebooks (or perhaps this is an excuse to get a new one??!!)

    I linked to this post via MemeRose and I have now become a follower (your newest I think!)

    Have a lovely Sunday, Helenxx


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