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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Lazy Knitty Morning

This morning has been mostly spent in bed taking part in a slight knitting and chocolate indulgence.

As you can probably remember I have recently learnt how to knit and my first major project is this thick long scarf. It boasts many "sections" of stitch samples from garter, ridged and moss - and I think it looks just fab. 

It's my Granny's birthday in a few weeks and I think it is just good enough to give to her (can you give a scarf to a person who was born in July??!!).

What do you think? Isn't this yarn so gorgeous!

The only thing I need to do is add some tassel's and cheat a little bit by adding some floral embellishments to the three mistakes. Which is lucky because look what came in the post today....

Yippee! Can't wait to start working through these beauties. I was so happy to read that the patterns are in English, so no excuses of getting mixed up!

So there I was, this morning, in bed, with a cuppa tea and some beautiful white chocolate with strawberries! Mmmmmmm delicious!

What a naughty morning! I will make up for it this afternoon, I promise (so I said to Craig!), by doing the shopping and tidying up a bit of the garden.

Talking of strawberry chocolate - look what I found this morning ....

The first Strawberry of the year! This weekend is really making me feel happy - and its only just begun!

Sending you lots of good weekend vibes! xxxxxxx


  1. Your scarf looks lovely xx Ooh strawberry chocolate - I like the sound of that - enjoy your weekend xx

  2. Beautiful scarf Kate, love the colour! That strawberry chocolate looks yummy! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
    Love Victoria xx

  3. Nice scarf! The yarn is lovely!

  4. That yarn is pretty...what kind is it? and the strawberry looks yummy..nice picture of it!!

  5. Our first 2 strawberries were eaten by blackbirds and no more dare to turn red yet!
    Love from Mum

  6. Beautiful scarf and strawberry and chocolate, Kate! I bet your Granny will be so pleased to receive the scarf...even in July :) The colors are lovely and who knows with all the rain and bluster England has had so far this summer she might want to use it in July! The pattern flower book looks exciting, and I hope you will show us what flowers you make from it. So glad you had a happy start to your day and hope you and yours enjoy the rest of the weekend, too :)
    Gracie <3

  7. Mmmmmm! Delish yarn, Kate! Oooh, I have the same book but in Russian :o) Red strawberry looks beautiful.
    Have a nice rest of the weekend sweet Kate

  8. There is nothing better than freshly picked British strawberries. Mmmmmmmmmm. I love the yarn you are knitting up, a home made present is always the best kind. I still stand by that (with apologies to my Mum who still gets some slightly dodgy home made mothers day gifts).

    I love the crochet flowers book. I have this one and the butterfly and beasts one (some yummy snowflake patterns in that one made it a must have for a Christmas present last year). Enjoy hooking up some flowery joy. :) xx


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