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Saturday, 9 June 2012

The day's of this week

Man this has been one busy week! Ever day I've been working and then had something to do in the evening. But don't worry, craft featured heavily.

On Tuesday I finished my felty patriotic project (see here for tutorial) don't they all just look great!

The only thing that is missing is a little bit of ribbon to tie around the Scotties for a collar.

On Wednesday I finished 16 flags for my bunting (I'm holding onto the rest of the pictures for when I've finished hooking them all together with a fab border!

Excuse my ends! You can rest assured ladies that these were sewn in during a lovely cup of tea!

Look at the colours .... they make my heart squeeze!!

On Wednesday it was also all about the chickens baby!

Note new finger puppets (I have produced some ad lib plays this week - let me tell you!)

They have all now come into lay!

That's four eggs (with the lovliest yolks) a day from now on, and possibly on a good day we may get five! So if you invite me round for tea, expect half a dozen!

Thank you girls - no more shouting "wheres my eggs?" from now on eh?!

Thursday - as you all know it's Craft Class. This week I learnt how to Tunisian Crochet :) Again, I'll go into more detail once my project is finished - and it won't be long trust me, this stuff grows faster than you can say .... well .... Tunisian crochet!!! 

I'm making some arm chair covers with this delicious wool!!! I'm doubling it up to make the softest, thickest, most scrumptious arm rests.

And just for the record this is my first commissioned piece ... how exciting! It is from my hubby though ... but who cares, he's requested it, picked and paid for the wool. And that is so special to me because he's noticing what I do and having his own ideas. I lurrrrve him so much. xxxxxx

So Friday was all about having this waiting for him when he got home from work. With the TV tuned into the first European Championship footie match.

 He was a happy chappy.

And so was I .... munching on jellie babies ....

And sorting out my beads and sequins into new organised trays.

And there we have it, my fly by of a week. Isn't life so great when you have hobbies :)

Kate xxxxxxxxxx


I am starting a new project and would like you to join me. First you need to fish out a lovely unused note book that you've had a s a gift but don't know what to do with it (you know what I'm talking about) or go and treat yourself to one! But a nice one! And let me know when you've got one ... all will be revealed :)


I have really enjoyed reading all of your blogs on my lunch breaks this week. Thank guys - you are all so unique and inspirational. Its so fab this blogging life! You are all fab!!!!



  1. What a busy week Kate! Your bunting is going to look lovely!! Ooh I'll join you on your project but will have to go and get a notebook, how big?
    Victoria xx

  2. How lovely that your hubby is supporting your work, mines does too and it makes all the difference. So many gorgeous projects, I am looking forward to hearing more about the Tunisian crochet.

  3. Hi Kate, nice to meet you, got my notebook ready to join you. I'm hopeless at blogging but hoping to get back into the swing of things.
    hope work is ok

  4. Your felties are gorgeous, they look so good hanging there :) I'm looking forward to seeing the arm covers finished, we could really do with some of those! x

  5. Every thing looks very nice.. love the colors your husband picked out.. I wish mine would take a interest but he doesn't. I am curious about the notebook..can't wait!

  6. WOW! Kate you`re so creative and talanted! Love your scoties! And flags! And Tunisian Crochet! And and all your colourful organised trays :o)
    Have a very sweet weekend

  7. You have been busy fitting everything in. I really enjoyed reading about your week.
    Love from Mum

  8. Fun!!! Just read your last two posts and enjoyed viewing your latest projects and reading about your happy reports. [I am especially enjoying your chickens and hope we can get some in the next year!] I have a notebook, Kate, what is your plan??? :) Gracie <3

  9. Hello Katie,
    I am your newest follower at the moment and I have found you via Tangled Sweetpeas blog.
    I've just read your last two posts and I've been browsing through looking at your projects, really love your felt scotties! I've got my notebook ready....and I am intrigued :-)

    Amanda :-)


Thank you so much for your comments! I always read them and will be sure to check out your blog. Kate x