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Thursday, 28 June 2012

In the Beer Garden

Last night me and Craig went to our local as the sunshine was out.

We are not really the type of people that spend a lot of time in the pub, it's more of a treat. But it was a glorious evening, Craig came back from his bike ride and had obviously got a tad jealous when he rode past all the people in the beer garden near the canal.

So we got changed and walked over to the pub. A great opportunity to get those pinkies out!

We must have only been two or three times, and never sat outside. We didn't even know there was a bowling green situated there.

There was an amazing wooden carved swing seat ...

which we sat in for a while before our tea came.

I lurrrrved my food. I had blue cheese, mushroom and spinach lasagne with garlic bread and salad. Craig had home-made cod goujons with the most scrummy big chips. We admired the lovely view and discuss how lucky we are to live so close to the forest!

When we got back I launched straight into doing a fair few rows on my Vintage Vertical Stripe Blanket. It's been a while since I've touched it. If I'm honest, I got slightly bored of the monotonous rows. But, boy did I love getting back into it.

Just to give you a clue of how large it is, take a look at it on our huge three seater sofa ....

 As I'm doing it with random colours there are some pleasant surprises along the way. I just can't get over how lovely it is when two colours you haven't seen before just sit together like they belong together!

This is possibly my favourite bit of the blanket, from the pink row up to the purple. I just love the softness and mintiness of it. It's so cool and muted.

I also an head over heels for this bright red and blue together. I am most definitely going to buy these colours again and make something completely dedicated to these pair!

And just check out this shot (slightly blurry, I do apologise). I love the cream, green and lilac.

So there you have it, a roundup of a most successful evening. And just to add to that, this evening has started off rather swimmingly as well. Craig is cooking tea, while I blog. A much needed treat after such a busy day. We had severe flash floods and the fire and rescue service received 276 calls in 60 minutes - so as you can imagine, it was a crazy day!

So long - off to pop open a bottle of red and carry on with the blanket!



  1. That's what I love about Grannying - different combinations of colours which please the eye.
    Love from Mum

  2. Loving the toe polish and the sandals Kate! Blanket is coming on a treat, love the colours!
    Victoria xx

  3. Ooooo I love those moments where you just go to a pub quite unplanned and enjoy it. Your blanket is lush. Love vertical granny stripes too! You are plonked on my list of blogs to read, enjoy the wine, I'm on the cider but not doing any crochet this evening xx

  4. The wooden seat looks amazing, and what a lovely place to sit back and chill out. The blanket colours are stunning, love the randomness, it works so well... and is so big. x

  5. Well, I enjoyed your telling of your visit to the pub, Kate, and that swing is truely amazing!
    Your random stripes are working out so well! I once started a sort of ripple in primary colors. First I did narrow bands then I switched to broader ones and I so disliked the whole thing that I never finished it and eventually got rid of it.
    Thanks for encouraging me to try the pattern I have saved for so long. I am typing out the instructions and trying to work out the color combinations with what I have. I'm getting excited about the challenge :)
    Gracie <3

  6. Hi Kate,
    Loving the granny stripe, I love seeing the random colour choices coming together in beautiful colour combinations. Looking forward to seeing more exciting colour combos! :) xx


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