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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Weekend Blues

Remember the Perfic Day. Well that certainly never happened. To be completely honest I've had a pretty nightmarish weekend.
That Friday I really wished I had gone to work because I had my lovely warm bath which I had to try and sweat out my cold turned out to be a disaster. I got soap in my eye which made my contact lense kind of go behind my eye, so I leapt out of the incredibly deep bath to only see a wave of water follow me and spread all over the bathroom floor. This took me ages to mop up!
 I then came downstairs to find a broken computer due to a power surge during a storm, which had consequently blown the hard drive.
So poor Craig had a horrible welcome when he got home on Friday after work.
The computer problem was fixed by my uncle yesterday but unfortunately we have lost all photos, music etc since February this year; so all our bogging photos, holiday snaps, home transformation and chickens :( What a real shame.
This morning I noticed the clothes I had put on the radiator hadn't dried which was really strange, so I went to put on the heating and it wouldn't come on.
We phoned our plumber who told us this only happens if there is a leak, and low and behold, we found a leak coming from the valve in the kitchen radiator.
So that is basically our weekend. Not much fun and a blag!
All the more reason I guess to focus on Reason's to be Cheerful.  Sometimes it's very had to feel cheerful and even the best things in life (crochet included) can't even help to put a smile on our face.
But no matter how miserable we are, or how crap the weekend has been, or how sad we feel about bad things that have happened; we must always feel grateful for those little things that make us smile.
Here are my Reason's To Be Cheerful (N.B. 11 & 12 - HAPPY FATHERS DAY! XXXXX)


  1. Oh Kate, sounds like you've had a real time of it! But your reasons to be cheerful are lovely!
    Victoria xx

  2. What a run of bad luck! Hopefully next week is a bit better :)

  3. Here's to your wonderful dad. Hope no more problems come your way.
    Love from Mum

  4. Oh my...Kate...so sorry for all your challenges to cheerfulness...but your reasons to be cheerful cheer me as well...especially when contrasted to your challenges!!! Thanks for your brilliant idea for jolly journaling...I am preparing my first week of pages to share with you and am linking to your reasons to be cheerful challenge. Joy to you and yours with lots of hugs from Gracie <3

  5. Hello Kate.
    Don't forget me Kate....I'm a bit behind with my notebook thingy. I have to go and buy a new one the one I had in preparation has been pinched by my grand-daughter...ok not pinched she didn't realize I was going to use it and she used it for some school work. I am also a little bit puffed as I've been busy this weekend with bloggers requests...its hot work sending out all those sun rays... clarification on my blog.
    Very sorry to hear you have been having troubles but glad also to see you are still able to find cheerfuls in your daily life I hope this works for me too.
    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  6. So sorry for all the mishaps going on around your home Kate. So glad to see that you can still find cheerful moments through it all! Keep your chin up... This will get better!!

  7. Lovely list, Kate :o) So sorry to hear about your problems. Love your drawing (chiken is so sweet)
    Wish you have a wonderful week dear friend

  8. Bad luck always seems to come in bunches! Just think of all that good luck that must be about to head your way!

  9. what a fab idea, I have been writing a post for a while along the same lines called 7bt this is such a cute idea.

  10. Hi there, I've arrived from Laa Laa's ooh I love your blog!! Sorry your weekend was lousy :-( hope things turnaround now xx I love your idea of the Reasons to be Cheerful - if its ok to take part, I'll be off to buy a new notepad - ooh or I could use the one LaaLaa sent xx

  11. Yikes! As they say, when it rains, it pours. Hope you got everything sorted out. I like the idea of your cheerfulness journal! Have a great rest of the week. Tammy


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