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Friday, 15 June 2012

The perfic day off

I have booked a day off from work today. Two reasons being; I have acquired lots of flexi time after writing a 33 page report and I deserve a gorgeous day off.

The second reason being I am so full of cold I can barely get the energy up for a shower. I have battled through the week and am spending the day with nothing to do ... but on the other hand ... a to do list longer than my arm.

I am going to heal myself with some good soulful craftiness. It's as good as chicken soup - would you agree?

I started this morning with a cup of tea off my husband and complied my "to do list". I thought you might want a peek;

  • Tie in the ends to my new sofa arm cover.
  • Make the border to the second cover and tie in those ends too.

  • Finish the pink trim and add the yellow trim to my bunting.

  • And felt letters, buttons and little felt bugs to bunting.
  • Contemplate knitted flowers and leaves for the birthday bunting.

  • Read lots more of my new and fabulous Knitty Gritty Book.

  • Work on sample scarf and try out as many sections of stiches from Knitty Gritty as possible. At the moment I am working on a rib section (knit 2, purl 2).

  • Book caravan holiday for September.
  • Have a hot bath before Craig gets back.

My craft class tutor is on holiday now for two weeks. I went to the class armed with four fresh eggs for them to take away with them so they can have a delicious eggy breakfast one morning. Last night we all had to make sure we left with enough projects for the next three weeks. Here goes another to do list to get done before the next class;

  1. Make two Tunisian crochet cushions to go with the arm covers.
  2. Finish crocheted bunting.
  3. Finish knitted Scarf.
  4. Find some enthusiasm and focus so I can have a second wind on my vintage vertical stripe blanket (I'd like to have this done be September I think). I'm fed up the half finished mass that seems to follow me whenever I go! It needs to be finshed!!

 I think these yummy delights will keep me going!

So as you can see I have set myself some challenges. All do able though!

How are you all getting on? What are you up to? Any exciting projects?

Are you taking up my Reason's To Be Cheerful note book challenge? I was very excited by Tangled Sweetpea's notebooking dressing skills in this post. She has turned an ever day note book into a beautiful creation crying out to be filled with lots of reason's to be cheerful.

Just to end this blog on a perfectly fitting to the challenege and perfectly fitting to my day off ....

Ian Dury and the Blockheads - Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3.

Why don't I get back into bed?
I might just do that ... with a hook and some needles though!

Have a wonderful day,


  1. Hope you enjoy you day off sweetie, and you start to feel better soon! Thank you for the mention too :)
    Victoria xx

  2. oh my. u have to many things to do even when u're from work. Wish i could have ur spirit :D

  3. Hi Kate!! Hope you feel better soon. I am working a few projects myself. I tend to get a little bored with one really fast so I move onto another one then I get all these little project that seems to sometimes never get finished so I have to stop that! Now I am just sticking to my lacy ripple afghan I am working on for myself.. I never make anything for myself..so now it's ME time...Get well soon!!

  4. Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather! What a marvelous excuse for some crafty pleasure!

  5. Happy Day, Kate! Hope you had a great day getting better and better as you crafted. I am really enjoying the RTBC notebook challenge and am looking forward to sharing my first week entries this Sunday!
    Gracie <3

  6. Kate, what a sweet crochet you`ve got there! Oh, I`ve got the same hook :o)
    Have a nice rest of the weekend


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