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Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Olympic Torch Came to Lichfield!

This is the story of two girls and one torch!

A very early start. I met my sister a couple of miles out of Lichfield centre and we walked into town. It was really gloomy and dark but luckily the rain held off!

This is a photo of Stowe Pool which is exactly one mile to walk around it. You can see Lichfield Cathedral in the distance.

I knew it was going to be exciting as I had read up on all the things going on today. Such as vintage cars in the park, musicals in the market square and boats on the pool. It was far more exciting than I could have imagined though! As we reached the far end of Stowe Pool we could see lots of sailing boats getting ready for an afternoon on the lake. I have never seen such florencent sails!

I just love this shot! Lots of angles and colours! (One for the wall maybe!?)

When we reached town at 8:15 we knew just then how busy it was going to be. People had already started lining the streets and all the shops had opened up early selling bacon baps and coffee.

There were people selling green ribbons and union jack flags to children. Being an adult I resisted temptation. Although the first ten minutes when we were waiting for the parade to commence I have to admit I spent wishing I too had a flag! I watched a generous lady hand a green ribbon to a young child and my sister had to remind me I wasn't a child anymore and if someone came past selling flags she would treat me to one. Sadly the moment never came, sniff-sniff!

We then headed over to the Spark Cafe. We had book an 8:30 table for breakfast. Which by this time was much needed, but not nearly as much as a cup of tea after that long walk!

The cafe was ram-a-jam and I suddenly felt I was with royalty as my sister (who is a local primary school teacher) had been spotted by some children from her class. It was funny remembering what it was like seeing your teacher outside of school. Suddenly you were overcome with a star-struck sense and a slightly emmbarrased and uncomfortable feeling. Maybe teachers were our first encounter of celebrities!

It didn't really take me long to choose what I wanted, mostly because of the hunger twangs in my belly,


but also becasue I simply ...... lurrrrve ...... smoked salmon and scrambled eggs!

I have to admit, I felt I was cheating on christmas a little bit though! I only ever have this on Christmas morning and I dare say it was missing that sparkling glass of Bucks Fizz! However, it was simply delicious and I couldn't believe the portion of smoked salmon! It was a breakfast made in heaven!

We had a great chat in the cafe, or should I say gossip. We also had a brilliant view of the vintage car parade going on in the street. This was stirring up the crowd and some of the cars were beautiful! I sadly didn't take any photos of the cars to share, unfortunatly most of them are of registration plates, or reflections of me taking a picture in the cafe window!

When we had finished breakfast we ventured into the streets to find the perfect spot. It took some time, as once we had settled we decided we couldn't see much. But finally we climbed up a road and found a location where we could see quite a bit in both directions. This meant we weren't going to just see infront, but also it coming .... and going!

15 mintues before the torch there was a parade with London 2012 floats, dancers, the Mett Police (my Dad would have loved that!) and the theme song. It really got the crowd going.

The kids loved the mascot driving past, waving. I believe this one is called Wenlock. Named after the village in the Black Country that inspired the Olympics. And also the name of the gentleman that started PE lessons in schools.

So Wenlock got the kids going ...... These pair got me going!

Then all the celebration died down for a couple of minutes, and we were all left hanging. Waiting with baited breath!

Then out came the motorbikes!

And a couple of busses carrying the torch bearers for the rest of the day.

And the torch carrier!!!

Now I'm not sure you will know him. But you may well do. Ben Kenyon.

The reason I know about Ben is because I used to work in a college in Birmingham with young people with Asperger's Syndrome. At the time of working there was a documentry on channel 4 about children with Asperger's and Autism called Young, Autistic and Stagestruck. I was very into it as I studied Performing Arts at university and I really belived in how theatre and art allowed my students to express themselves.

Ben was the star of the program. And after reading his profile he has gone on to do wonderful things for other young people with Asperger's.

I was completely thrilled that not only did Ben get a MBE earlier this year for his work, but also had the privildge of carrying the flame. Seeing him has reminded me of so many things and I am so happy I got to see him in the relay.

Now lets not forget crochet. How could we!!!!?????

Just down that street where Ben is running now is my favourite shop. Remember the one that pulls me in everytime I walk down this street?

Outside The Sewing Shop was the lovely Lindsey and Sandra with their families.

And they had bombed the lampost outside!


Of course I had to go in. Not just for the red, white and blue wool so I could make a surprise project for the swap I am doing hosted by the most fabulous Hookin' With Lala. I didn't just go in for a few goodies to go along side it either ..... but ...... for my birthday present.

A new sewing machine!

We had to carry it alllllll the way back to the car. Through town, around Stowe Pool and through the Neatherstowe fields. Boy was it heavy!

Once I got back home I had to hand it over, reluctantly may I add, to Craig, who will save it until September the 2nd. Until then, my dear friends, I can only dream of the endless projects this will allow me to do! Eeeeeeek - excited doesn't come close!

Have a wonderful weekend girls!

Toodle pips!


P.S. Do you like the new simplified blog? Or would you like the birds back? I found the brown background made allt he pictures look gloomy. And I like bright! Let me know what you think.


  1. Hi Kate... the blog looks very nice. I love change. I change mine all the time with the seasons. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful day with everyone... I live in Louisiana, US and I wish I could see something as great as this! Shari!

  2. Lucky you for seeing the torch and lucky you for being able to look forward to a wonderful pressie for your birthday.
    Blog looks bright and cheerful just like you.
    Love from Mum

  3. How come will you get to wait til september for your sewing machine??? I know for sure I wouldn't be able to. Specially when it is so close!! :)

  4. Great photos about the Olympic torch, it has certainly touched our wonderful land. Loving the yarnboming on the post! Enjoy the machine, I've dusted mine off today as I need to get some stuff done. The scrambled egg on toast has made me hungry now, but I'll wait till the moro. Have a lovely weekend Heather xx

  5. Hi, Kate! Lovely post :o), dear friend! I`m so glad you shared with us the olimpic celebrations! Glad you`ve got a new SEWING MACHINE! And I do love that crochet too :o) And I love your new blog template as well, it looks bright and fresh.
    P.S. You asked me about a crochet flowers I`ve made for my purse. I know you`ve got a lovely new book with lot of them, but anyway I started a new page Step-by-step, please came to check out, if you like of course

  6. We cant wait for the torch to arrive here on Tuesday!!!!

    Love the new blog layout.


  7. Thanks for taking me along to see the torch go through. Living in Tennessee in the US, I haven't been able to see it. When we hosted the Olympics, it didn't come anywhere near us. Love the fact that your birthday gift is giving you such joy already. I really like the new layout on the blog. You are right, it makes the pics stand out so much more.

  8. Another great post, Kate...and I like the new blog background, too!

    Thanks for taking the time to share your day with us...and the sailboat picture would make a cheery wall framed photo :)

    I am smiling at you as I type,
    Gracie <3
    ps Am so excited for your Sept 2 unveiling of your b'day present :)


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