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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Vintage Gifts

This morning I have been searching the world wide web for lovely gifts. I have a friend who has just has just moved in with her boyfriend, and another who has recently relocated as well.

I've been looking for something light, bright and pretty. Something that is a perfect item for displaying on a shelf or hanging on the wall. A very Kateish gift!

I turned for inspiration from my own home and looked at the little things that I treasure the most. Things that were special gifts from special friends given to me and Craig for our wedding or when we moved in.

Craig's Mum and Dad kindly gave us this welsh dresser which we absolutely love.

We both had welsh dressers in our homes when growing up and it just oozes with special things.

The bottom cupboard houses our special wine glasses we inherited from Craig's Grandad and our precious wedding Ainsley China. When I was growing up, this was where the "adult" drinks were kept! Which I must do something about. Maybe I could start my own collection!

The two draws are home to my sewing tin, and little bits and bobs. And the top displays my prize possessions!

Here is a whistle stop tour of the shelves.

Cath Kidston China Mugs, which my best friend gave me on my wedding day.

A very lovely hand crafted, wooden family of Russian Dolls.

The next picture shows three items; A tiny tin from Spain which my Dad gave me as a gift (once containing the most delicious milk chocolate buttons I have ever, ever had!).

A perfume bottle and matching candle holder from my Granny; who seriously, is the best present buyer in the world. I always save her present till last on my birthday because I am never disappointed!

Also you can see a sewn picture which Craig's sister gave us when we got married.

A box from Krakow that I brought Craig and a lovely dish from a holiday my Mum and Dad went on.

And finally, this heart stopping writing set. Just look at the pattern on the envelops! Oh my!

Other pretty things I treasure include a coaster set of my Granny.

 A sign I have hung near the front door.

And a couple of tres cool Keep Calm mugs off my oldest and dearest friend in the world.

Most of these things are inexpensive but are what I consider to make a house a home. Which would be impossible with out a little love, of course, but trinkets and gifts can set a corner or shelf off in an instant!

*                   *                 *

I also need to consider a gift of the home made variety! How couldn't I!? This leads me nicely onto introducing a book I brought a few weeks ago (I mentioned it in this post and promised you a sneeky peak).

The book is called Homemade Gifts Vintage Style by Sarah Moore.

There are lots and lots of stunning ideas from hand sewn to machine, thrifted to handmade. I just can't get over home amazing each of the 176 pages are. They are brimming with ideas which collide together to set off new ideas.

Door hangers made from old jewelry. How lovely would lots of little ones be, hanging from a set of draws? Or even a christmassy one! Ohhhhhhh I can't wait for a rummage around the charity shops next weekend!

Old tea cups made into scented candles.

Home made Faberge style eggs for an Easter decoration.

 And beautiful thrifted fabric, felt and button hanging mobiles.

Something very do-able seen as I have five huge Lavender bushes in my garden .... scented lavender bags.

So I will continue on my search! And let you know how I get on. Weather its a shop brought or home made gift I choose for my two special friends .... I will be sure to show you.

Just one final picture.

This was an engagement gift. I hold them very dear to my heart.

Love birds are not a new feature of homes in my family. My Grandparents had a set of by a fountain in their garden, and my Mum and Dad have some by their pond, and now I have my very own pair, nesting on my welsh dresser.

♥  My precious Kate and Craig Love Birds

So precious they were placed on our wedding cake!


  1. Aww what a lovely post full of wonderful memories.
    That book Is lovely I recently bought it for my best friend for her birthday and had a quick flick through before I handed it over. Full of lovely projects

  2. Fab post Kate! I LoVe your dresser and it's so full of wonderful things! And oh my, I NEED that book!! It looks beautiful! Right up my street! Good luck gift hunting.
    Victoria xx

  3. Such a lovely post, Kate. I love all your treasures and I wish I had space for a lovely dresser like that. That book looks amazing!

  4. Great post and love your treasures x

  5. Thanks for sharing a view of some of your treasures, Kate! The last photo is my favorite, but I enjoyed the whole post :) Thanks for following my posts, too, my special blog friend. Hugs from me to you,
    Gracie <3

  6. Oh what a great post! Full of treasures! I love all of those vinatge items! And the photo of you both cutting your wedding cake is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!
    Hope your weekend ahead is wonderful!
    Hugs, LS xoxo


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