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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Roses and Workstations

The world is looking up again, not everything is fixed but I am defiantly feeling a lot more positive.

The radiator is being fixed on Thursday and work have kindly given me permission to work from home so I don’t have to take holiday. Hopefully it won’t cost too much as I can’t see much draining going on, as by Thursday I don’t think there will be any water left to drain!

I had some beautiful roses from my Mums friends on Sunday which I had a good play with. I’ve received so many flowers over the past few weeks due to loosing my pregnancy. I used to be a florist before I worked for the fire service and after years of creating arrangements I really do prefer a more naturalistic display. I receive flowers I don’t tend to over style them – just put them in a vase and let them be themselves, and sit back and enjoy them for what they are. However Sunday was the perfect day for a little pick me up and I dedicated a little time to creating an arrangement.

I stripped the roses of all of their leaves apart from the ones right at the top (you should do this anyway so there are no leaves below the water level as it can poison the water and go to the flower heads and make them droopy). I then picked some long springs of lavender to have as the centre and then created a tight ball of roses around it. I chose to display them in the red wine decanter.

What do you think? I have loved having them sitting there looking very cool and sophisticated – not quite to my taste usually but they sit proud – that’s for sure!

It was quite a change working in a florist and then going into the fire service. I certainly miss playing shop and also working creatively. However the fire service also has its benefits. My one gripe about the station atmosphere is it is very clinical. All the desks and work stations are the same and no one seems to personalise their space …. Apart from me of course!

Take a look at my little – but very important colourful additions to my desk. They are almost vital in keeping me working!

In the background you can see a lovely milkshake note card of my Mum, who used to work in the same office as me. I put on an event celebrating Older Person's Day and she was obviously proud of me.

Do you like my coaster. "It's been lovely but I have to scream now!" hehehe!

Here's a close up of my wise guru owl who I turn to for help every now and again, He hides in the tree of life!

And my mouse mat!

Oh yes we can!!!!

And here is a up cycled coke bottle holding various paper clip sizes and a lovely box of tissues ... that everyone steals!

So there you have it - a whistle stop tour of my desk!

On another note I feel an incredible sense of “missing out”! I keep reading all about these wonderful craft swaps, yet I never seem to come across one! Could anyone point me in the right direction? Or be brave enough to host one so I can join in with all the fun! I drool at the packages everyone posts about. And it’s so nice giving as well!

Speak soon – I have news of lavender and knitting to post about next!



  1. I have found one!!! ....


  2. There are a number of swaps on Ravelry, they are on a number of boards depending on your craft of choice. So sorry to hear about your pregnancy x

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss but glad that things are getting fixed! When things go wrong at home it just spoils everything! Talk about a way to ruin the perfect day! I look forward to owning my own home but not the headache of when things go wrong! Good luck with the repairs!! :) x

    1. I know!!! We wer just saying - it was great when you rented becasue you just phoned up Mr Landlord and passed on the bad news.

      I would say though - for all the downs - there is nothing like owning your own home.


  4. Oh you've found it! I was going to say laalaas got a good British one going on, I've signed up! I'll keep you posted if I come across any more! Your roses and lavender look beautiful!
    Victoria xx

  5. Hi again!! So sorry about your pregnancy hope you are ok. My hubby is in the fire service - I keep asking him about the chances of a station clerk job but he never seems very keen and how there is no chance ....hmmmm.... why wouldnt he like to work with me???? lol.Your work area looks fab xx

  6. I'm sorry about your sad news. glad u are feeling more positive now.
    loving your quirky editions to your desk.

  7. Kate, I just saw a couple of swap/giveaway sort of things on Sue's site:

    I think a swap would be fun too, if you are ever interested in swapping with a G'ma from Portland, OR :)

    So glad to hear that things are looking up a bit for you...and I feel the same way about flowers as you...it is good to let them be themselves, but your roses are lovely as you arranged them. Sue on the blog site above just did a post on Tussie Mussie arrangements that you might enjoy.

    Your desk decor looks as though it is cheering you on to do a great job:)

    Viewing your post today is going to be my reason to feel cheerful that I am going to record in my notebook for 6*19*2012 :) Thanks!
    Gracie <3

  8. Kate,
    Sad for your loss, and praying for your healing in every way to come quickly.
    I never knew this about flowers, to strip the leaves off that would be in the water. I have done that, and my flowers do fade quickly. Thanks for that important tidbit.
    I read your blog often and enjoy your sharing.
    I, too would love a good creative exchange some time. I never seen to catch them in time, either and am relatively new to blogs and how it all works. Still learning and hope to catch on to things more quickly as it goes.
    I also enjoyed your sharing of photos of gifts that mean so much to you. Like you, I enjoy some of the most simple and not always expensive things. Sometimes it is just a matter of the heart, isn't it?

  9. Kate

    So sorry for your loss, hope you are feeling better now.

    I just wanted to let you know about a recent swap I took part in - I posted about it on my blog www.thelinencloud.blogspot.co.uk .... it was a pincushion swap and the hosts House of Pinheiro and Sew Far So Sew Good will be doing another in the autumn :-) If you search Flickr for Pincushion Swap 2012 you should find some pictures!

    Bee x


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