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Monday, 3 December 2012

White Chocolate Penguins

My own festive variation on chocolate mice.
Gently melt chocolate in a bowl above boiling water.

Sprinkle some Pretties (aka sugar strands) in a silicon ice tray. Mine is penguin shaped. And then fill with lovely metled white chocolate.
Leave to set in a cool place.
 (lick out the bowl!)
Carefully pop out.
There we have it. White Chocolate Penguins with sugar strand wings.



  1. Yummy ... my little ones would love these ... Bee xx

  2. I love these and I especially like your instructions in parenthesis! : )

  3. Cute. I have a silicone mold I've never even used. Have a great day! Tammy

  4. Aren't you clever? I have fond memories of "Milky Bar" with hot coffee. So good on a cold winter's day in England! xx

  5. Hi Kate! I somehow missed your last few posts and have enjoyed getting caught up on some of your news. The Advent calendars you made, snowflakes and now penguins are all clever and such fun! Thanks for posting. I sent off my Snowflake Exchange to Spain today. I have really enjoyed getting to know Amanda through her blog and it has been fun to discover so many things we have in common. Thank you for organizing us! Also, please thank Granny for me for teaching you how to crochet :) [I like the Advent calendar she sent you, too] xx from Gracie


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