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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Holidays are a-coming!

Wahoooooooo I have officially broken up for Christmas. 19 days in total. I couldn't be more happy!

I had some holiday going spare so decided there couldn't be a nicer time to use it.

Last night I celebrated with a lovely glass (Craig's Granddad's old Polish glasses ... we have the whole set!) of Madeira wine. Mmmmmm it just chillaxed the blood ready for a much earned break! I snuggled up with my hubby and watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Such a funny film!

Last week helped on the Round Table Santa Sleigh, collecting money with charity. We knocked on ever door to tell the children (and grown ups) that Santa was coming. All the houses then rushed around getting on shoes and coats to then wait on the street listening to Santa's sleigh on its way, blasting out favourite Christmas songs. They then wave to him as he passes.

This is something that I loved when I was little, and I totally loved actually helping. It was so enjoyable and I had that many Merry Christmas Wishes I didn't know what to do with them! I simply Christmased Out with happiness! It was so exciting to watch children literally shake with glee as he passed and watch adult turn into kids for a few seconds (seriously some adults, me included, can be so drawn into these things, we turn into five year olds again).

I have been lucky enough to have 2 Christmas party's this week and all that hard work of homemade gifts has certainly paid off. I loved giving away my wrapped pressies to my bestest friends at work and Knitting Class. I also was the lucky receiver of some beautifully wrapped presents that are now taunting me from under the tree .... oh well, only 10 days to wait .... I can do it!

I also received my snowflake swap from the lovely Helen at Moonstruck Creations. I couldn't believe it when I tipped them package over the sofa and all of this fell out ...........

Yipeeee ..... another thing I am going to have to wait 10 days for! I can't wait to show you what I got!

Although I wait in anticipation for the 25th of Dec, I have been sooooo lucky already. I mean just look at this beautiful card from my friend Lisa at work....

And this gorgeous hand made card from my lovely friend Jill who goes to knitting with me. You should go see her lovely shop ... wish her happy birthday aswell ... its today!

Also this cute beyond cuteness; Ha - Pea - Christmas decoration my friend Nicki gave me so I would promise not to open her gift before the big day!

Also my oldest and dearest friend Charlotte included a crocheted star in her card, which I hung with love and lots of memories! I can't wait to see her over Christmas! She has just got engaged and we have soooo much to talk about!

So as you can see I have been busy deckin' the halls. I loved dressing the tree as always. I love getting out all my decorations I have collected over the year. Each year my mum got me, my sister and her, a decoration each in our stockings. And now I have moved out I have lots of Christmas memories each year to hang out on my own tree. I love the fact my tree has a mismatch of ornaments. No two are the same and I love standing by it looking at them deciding which one is my favourite today!

Here are the two which I admired most last night...

I brought this one for Craig last year which if you look closely is a vintage picture of a boy and girl looking at a deer. It reminds me so much of the fun we have watching deer on Cannock Chase.

The red egg you can see hanging is a Polish Egg which Craig hangs up every year in memory of his Grandad. The photo really doesn't do it justice. It is a pretty, glittery thing of beauty.

So that's all for now. As I am off this week I would love to be a bit more of a blogger. So hopefully will catch up with you more over the week.

Have a merry lead up to Christmas, and remember its not too late to be good!

Kate xxxxxxx


  1. It's looking very Christmassy at yours! Have a great break from the routine! Happy holidays! :)

  2. You've forgotten the story of when Santa came by one year you got so excited that you fell and bumped your head! Love you x

  3. I love Santa too! Just a few years ago, I was at the Mall looking down at Santa Claus from the balcony watching him with the little children on his lap, he happened to look up and I WAVED like crazy! He smiled very broadly and waved back in the exact same manner! That's Santa!
    Happy Christmas to you! xx

  4. It's all looking lovely and festive Kate!
    Victoria xx

  5. Such a lovely festive post! I love the beautiful Polish glass, and seeing Santa there. All your gifts look very enticing...lots to enjoy!
    Have a wonderful festive countdown!
    Helen x

  6. Lovely Christmassy post Kate ... so good to celebrate happy memories ... Bee xx

  7. So much to celebrate, Kate:) I hope you enjoy every minute of your time off! In our neighborhood in upstate NY Santa would ride on a fire truck around the neighborhoods and hand out boxes of candy...my children fondly remember those visits. I received my wonderful snowflake swap and opened it already [but am otherwise trying to be good]. I am trying not to be anxious about my package getting to Spain...I sent it at the same time, but it has not arrived yet :( xx from Gracie

  8. Your blog is just bursting with Holiday spirit! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  9. all looks so lovely and cosy!

    And your parcel has arrived, thanks so so much - Im being very good and havent opened all the goodies yet, trying to stay restrained until the holidays!!

    Thanks again for being such a great swap partner!



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