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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Felted mouse and bag

I have been having a ball. A ball with 100% wool.

My two little cousins are coming to spend Christmas with us and I was dying to use the felting wool I brought a couple of months ago and this was the perfect excuse. Two home made gifts!

Firstly I'll just allow you a couple of seconds to Oooooooooo, Mmmmmmmmm over the colours!

 The little bag was made using a fandabbydosey pattern here (if you haven't checked this site out you are in for a flippin treat!) I used the mobile pouch pattern and then have added a strap. Its idea for a little girls over the body bag.

Look at the sherberttie colours. I loved knitting with this yarn!!!!

Hanging on the tree ... and why not! Its Christmas!

Then there is this cheeky little fella.

I hope Ben likes him. I certainly do.

I used the pattern from my tutorial for a little knitted mouse. You can see it here.

This was my first attempt at felting. I am certainly very pleased and would recommend you have a go too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Fantastic bright colours. Did you felt the wool or the finished article, or was the wool felted in the first place? Der!!!
    Love from Mum

  2. Both projects are neat, and I do love the colors! I still have not felted anything yet...on purpose that is :) I will check out the site you mentioned. Thanks, Kate! xx from Gracie

  3. Beautiful gifts and gorgeous colours, love the mouse :)
    Sue Xxx


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