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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Granny Knows Best

Every year my Granny has brought me a calender.

And even after all the glamour or my little advent bags I have to say, I love my granny's calenders the best.

This year the picture is a group of joyous carol singers.

Can you see the first door?

What about now?

Let see what is behind it .....

An angel. Ahhhh.

Today, after the joyous occasion of putting up my advent bags, and then putting them back up again (after they fell down) I though I would make the most of the free day.

I have wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. About a hundred gifts! I really do like wrapping presents but this year I was a little overwhelmed.

It was nice to lay everyone's presents out and see if we was missing anything, or god forbid, had forgotten anyone. But I am surprisingly organised this year, and only have a couple of stocking fillers left to get. So thumbs up all around!

The reason I wanted to get all the "shopping" stuff out of the way is so I can now chillax! And by chilling, I mean making. All I need to worry about is having fun making lots of Christmassy things!

I am going on a workshop to learn how to make a quilted table runner on Tuesday and also hope to make some hanging decorations too.

Hope your Christmas decorations oops I mean preparations are going okay. And just remember ....

Keep Calm and Jingle On! xxxxx


  1. Hello Kate
    I've always loved advent calenders too and come to that I still do. I also see the fun of advent calenders through the eyes of my grand-daughter too now. She gets so excited and never forgets to open the little door.
    I see you are busy busy making lots of Christmas lovelies .... me too but I can't show them yet online until the swap partner gets them tch!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  2. I like the advent calendars with the pictures behind the doors. As kids we reused them each year until they fell apart.
    I have 2 more gifts to make and a couple of stocking fillers and then itls time to wrap and clean the house and get out the decorations.

  3. These kind of calendars are the best! :)


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