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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tunisian Crochet

I thought it was about time I revealed my arm chair covers and cushions I have made. I admit they were finished about two weeks ago but they have fitted in so well to our living room decoration they have become part of the furniture.

I used the Tunisian crochet method to make these and it is really easy once you have been shown how. It is also the most therapeutic type of working with yarn I have encountered - this may be because it is very fast growing which has a great reward factor, or because its very easy.

I was also so excited because the hook was especially made by my teachers husband so it is really special to me.

I used a really simply stitch - I know there are probably hundred out there which I can't wait to explore, but even the simple stitch is really effective.

When people asked me what I was doing (and people do because its like knitting and crocheting all mixed together!) I said its Bonsian or Tunisian Crocheting aka Shepherd Knitting. When I said Shepherd Knitting it painted a vivid picture of a hot country with a shepherd boy sitting watching the sheep and killing time by knitting wool that his mother had just made from the sheep's coat.

I googled Shepherds Knitting and looked through the images and found some absolutely fascinating photos and drawings.

I wonder if the stilts were so the shepherds could see further.

Aren't the pictures amazing. It makes me feel that working with wool is the most authentic art form and we are all carrying on something that isn't just traditional but also is worldly and cultural.

Has anyone else had a go? Let me know if you have. I'd love to learn more!

Kate xxxx


  1. Wow, looks great. I've never heard of it before. Love the images you found too!
    Victoria xx

  2. Hi Kate ... feeling much better again, thanks! Wow, those pictures are fascinating, I can't imagine that was a comfortable working environment - they must have ached! Bee xx

  3. I love the colors you used! Very...earthy...some of my favorite! I have heard of it but haven't tried...yet! Can't wait to see more!!!

  4. The first time I saw a pattern with the Tunisian stitch and had a go at it, I quickly realized something was not right -- I was only using a crochet hook; the pattern didn't say otherwise, but I know there's more to it than that. Your work looks great. And those images are interesting and inspiring. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  5. I was given a kit for Tunisian this past Christmas. I have tried a couple of times but just can't get the hang of it. I'm making a baby blanket for my newest grandchild (due in January) and a cross stitch sampler for the last one who was born in February so it will be a while before I get back to it. I may have to go to my LYS and get some instructions but I am really anxious to learn this new thing.

  6. Love your covers you made...very nice and you have inspired me to make some!! I have tried that stitch yet but I want to soon..I have seen several blankets made like that and they are just beautiful! Those photos are very interesting!
    I don't think I could sit up there like that....I have to be sitting in my nice comfy chair..:)

  7. I love your Tunisian crochet Kate! And those images of shepherds knitting - fascinating. I have had an experimental foray into Tunisian crochet and it was rather fun. I haven't made anything big though, just a covered and decorated pot back in April - it figured in one of my posts for the Eskimimi Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Challenge. Once I'd got my head round the terminology "passes" etc and the mixed knitting crochet concept, it was easy to do and made a lovely dense fabric like your sofa covers / cushions. You've reminded me to have another go! Have you used a variegated yarn here? It's come out the most beautiful soft mix of colours.

    1. Hi Tomasina Tittlemouse,

      Yes it was varigated. Its the same that I used on the scarf I made. The place I go to do knitting has 36 colours in stock. £5 for 200g.

      I'll send you some if you would like!


  8. Never heard of it before, but it looks wonderful. I love the colours you are using, such a lovely soft mix... very cosy and inviting

  9. Another great post, Kate! I am not familiar with the Tuisian crochet method, but very much appreciate the pieces you created with it! The historical images are so interesting. I am in CA typing from my iPad to you and am behind on viewing posts in general, but wanted to send happy greetings to you. I should be able to pick up my new laptop on Monday which should make participating in blogging easier. Hooray!
    Hugs from Gracie

  10. What a lovely post, I love those photos you found, isn't it great to be part of such a long line of crafters?


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