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Monday, 9 July 2012

Scarf Ta-Dah

A couple of weeks ago I promised another Ta-Dah! With one thing and another I didn't get around to it ... but in a way I am glad as today is the perfect day to share it.

My first "proper" knitting project was to make a sample scarf. I wanted a chance to practise all the different knitting stitches - but to have something to show for it at the end. And of course, there is nothing more perfect than a scarf!

I must admit it was slow at the start however once I had done a couple of hours I was starting to pick up speed.

I used the most beautiful coloured wool and once I had completed the main part of the scarf I was thrilled ... apart from three things.

It needed tassels, there were a few mistakes leaving little holes and the ends of the rows were very wonky due to the beginners tension issues and the vary in stitch which had created a wavy scarf.

How I over came these problems have not only created a professional and lovely scarf. But the fact that I identified a problem and then came up with a "not half bad" solution has filled me with confidence in this craft form.

I did a double crochet border all the way around the scarf which gave its a sharp and professional looking edge, and I presume has also prevented it from catching and unravelling. In other words its fenced it in!

I also covered the few missed stitches with some lovely crochet flowers and I think it's added a nice kinda bespoke look to it.

Anyway - here is the finished product - I hope you like it.

Oops - nearly forgot why today was the perfect day to share it...

Well I have given it to my Granny (the one who taught me how to crochet!) and it is her 71st birthday today. It's a bitter-sweet type of day. The first without my beloved Granddad who passed away in April. But also a day where we can celebrate her. And I hope she likes the scarf.

xxxxx Kate xxx

P.S sorry I haven't been around much - I have been to London, and I haven't forgotten about Reason's to be Cheerful - it's just I haven't had chance to photograph my note book .... but I'll do double the reasons next Sunday.



  1. Your scarf looks lovely. The colours are amazing. I am sure your granny loved it. :)

  2. Hi Kate

    The scarf is beautiful - I'm sure your Granny is chuffed to bits with it - I think the little crochet flowers really make it - a great idea considering she gave you the skills to be able to make them! :-) Bee x

  3. Such a beautiful scarf Kate! I love the yarn you've used, gorgeous colour. I bet your granny is thrilled with it!
    Victoria xx

  4. Granny is sure to love your scarf. It's gorgeous.
    Love from Mum

  5. Hello Kate

    Its lovely and the colours are gorgeous...what yarn is that?
    Your Granny will be sure to love it...did she?
    By the way did u see the award I left you on my Lollipop dress post (thinkthat was my 3rd last post)....?
    Many thanks for your comments on my latest post.

    Amanda :-)

  6. The scarf is gorgeous, love the colours!

  7. Hi Kate!
    Granny's scarf turned out beautifully!
    Your process in creating it was very clever.
    Thanks for sharing...and I look forward to seeing
    your reasons to be cheerful when you can make the time to share them.
    Glad you like my granny square adventure...I love playing with all the Lucy Pack Stylecraft colors:).
    I have been in a tussle trying to understand more about using Blogger and ended up totally changing the format of my blog...oh my....but a fun challenge :)
    Hope you are having happy days!
    Gracie <3

  8. What a gorgeous scarf, Kate! You`re so talanted! Well done! I think your Granny trilled with it.


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