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Friday, 13 July 2012

London Weekend Away

This weekend I went to London with my darling husband and went to stay with our friend. Before we set off though I had to capture the two most amazing poppies in my garden .... in case they weren't there when I got back!

So like I said, we went to London and took a lovely stroll Thames and passed this second hand book stall. Rows and rows of books ....

we then reached the Tate Modern and spent a good couple of hours looking through some of my favourite pieces of art. I have been here a million times but still never get bored of it.

And I certainly didn't get bored of what was to follow the gallery ..... an ice cold ginger beer! Bliss!

I am defiantly a country lass however a trip to the city does you soul the world of good.

After our trip in Central London we then went back to Brixton where we were staying and went to the indoor market and I enjoyed browsing through all the beautiful vintage shops and lovely little cafes.

We had a lovely steak and Dime Bar Cheesecake. To simply die for!

Then it was back to our friends to get merry over some wine and Jagermeister!

I didn't seem to get as merry as some so was up slightly early which gave me a great opportunity window to get some hookin' time in. I'm not sure you'll be able to guess what I'm making here but I'll keep you guessing .... this is for another time!

The tip concluded with the most wonderful afternoon. A trip to the Farmer's Market for a delightful browse at all the lovely produce.

God I could just die and go to heaven when I have cheese!

Now this picture is special because of two things. Both of which are utterly interesting.

You will instantly be drawn to the marble brownie and cheesecake swirl with cherry's. I would have sold everything I owned to have tried this. But luckily I didn't have to. It was somewhat heaven. The most chocolaty, creamiest, tangiest little mouthfuls of delight I may possibly have ever had.

Secondly ... see the hands? They are not just any hands. They are the fair hands of my friend David. Famous hands. Hand model Hands. Aren't they just lovely! I wouldn't expect you to recognise them but I'm sure you will have all seen them during the adverts of Corrie ... on the Barclay's Advert.

We then headed of the Royal Festival Hall to listen to the Philharmonic Orchestra reciting The Planet's by Holst.

It was the most amazing experience. The first half was a lecture about The Planets and was backed up with sections played by the orchestra. It was the most amazing journey through each of the pieces and was explained in such a way that made you really appreciate it.

During the interval we stood on the balcony and gazed at the most amazing views down the river Thames. The skies were electric!

Big Ben was in the distance, in all it's glory.

Me and Craig then went in to wait for the second half which consisted of a full recital of The Planets. It was awesome. So special and all the time we were reminded of famous quotations from the symphony.

I will end the blog with my favourite bit from the whole event .... its a real treat .... please listen!

The show ended at 5pm and our train was at 5:45 so it was a hop, skip and a jump to the tube and then Euston .... very muggy and heavy weather made this 45 minutes unbearable ... but once we sat down on the train I was relived that I had some music and hooking to get me through the next two hours! Simply Blissful!

So that was last weekend .... albeit a little late.

This week has been uber busy at work. But not too busy to finish of a project and start a new one .... keep watching for more details.

Finally I'd like to thank Amanda at Crafty in the Med for the following award.

The one rule is I have to pass this on to 3 - 5 blogs I enjoy. So I am going to award it to .......


Each blogs have their own unique charm, but are all so inspiring! I urge you to take a look!

And one one final note, indulge your ears with this beauty .... my favourite - and you will soooooooo know the last bit!

Kate xxxxx


  1. What a fabulous trip Kate! So many wonderful images! I'm intrigued by your crochet too :) really must take a trip soon to wander round those fab markets, the swirly brownie looks divine!
    Victoria xx

  2. What a lovely time you must have had - my hubby and I went to London a few times before we had the littles - and we loved all the vintage markets - I have never had a dull day in London ... Bee x

  3. You packed a great deal into your weekend. I bet you're exhausted. Were your beautiful poppies still there when you got back?
    Love from Mum
    PS Thank you for joining in with the Bloggy Blankets. You can do as many squares as you wish and just post them off to Fostermummy ( see Bloggy Friend's Bloggy Blanket page) or if you want to do the Bloggy Blanket Chain please email your address to me and I'll send the first square on to you. mumsmsn at hotmail dot com. Or you could do both!

    1. they were there for one more day! will email you! xxx

  4. Hi, Kate! Looks like you had such a delightful time! Thank you for sharing with us your outing, soooo interesting see your country via your blog :o) Love all pictures! And your poppies were stunning!

  5. Thanks for the interesting tour, Kate! And thank you too for the award. You are very kind. I have been wrestling with various computer issues over the last few weeks so have just been able to get my computer to let me comment on your last few posts now:)
    Gracie <3


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