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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Blog Blanket & Swap

What a super week.

I can't believe the lovely post I have had.

Today I received a parcel from Mum. I am Square no2 for the blog blanket she has started. I then have to send it off to the lovely Arwedd.

She also sent some really thoughtful and beautiful gifts! I couldn't believe it when I was opening it all. I literally squealed with delight. Even my husband got excited when I pulled out the vintage cotton reels.

And also look at the Jasper! I can't wait to make a nativity with him. As Mum writes about here.

This weekend I will look forward to making the second square and sending it on.

Thank you Mum xxxxxxx

Earlier this month I also took part in a blog swap hosted by Hookin' with Lala. The theme was Great Britain and I got partnered off with Jenny from The String Empire.

It was so lovely getting the swap and opening it all up. As it was a Friday night it was also very welcome due to the Thornton's! Yummy! I also got a felt flower coaster, a union jack badge, a lovely home made card and some makeup.Thank you Jenny.

Here is what I sent. You may recognise the bird from my tutorial here. I made here an extra special swapping one as Jenny said she liked birds.

I also made here a needle book, a little shabby in a few places but I going to perfect this one and hopefully do a yarn along maybe in a few weeks!

Thanks for reading as always and a welcoming and warming HI to the new followers! I also check out my followers blogs!

Love xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Ooh what fabulous goodie Kate! I've not sent my laalaa swap off yet, just adding the final bits :)
    Victoria xx

  2. I'm so glad your parcel arrived. I'm sure Gaspar will enjoy his new home. Thank you for joining the Bloggy Blanket chain.
    Love from Mum

  3. Hi Kate! What a wonderful week filled with lots of loveliness! Nothing beats getting a cheerful parcel from mr. Postie! I love all the bits you made and sent in the swap. Sheer gorgeousness. Have a fabby-dabby-doo weekend! Tania ♥
    P.S. Luuuuuv the sofa covers and cushions you made too! Wow...


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