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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Reason's To Be Cheerful

Well this is a quick post as I am about to go out and see my friend. But here are this weeks reasons! Looking forward to seeing yours too .....


  1. lovely reasons to be cheerful.

  2. Oh what a great idea, is this something new to do, or is it especially for you? Anyways I love it! xx

  3. Hello Katie,
    Please pop over to my blog. I have left something for you on my latest post.

    Amanda :-)

  4. Your reasons to be cheerful cheer me too, Kate :) Thanks for sharing!
    Gracie <3

  5. Definitely agree with you on #21 - I also love being inspired by blogs and I understand re finding a missing hen... we had hens when I was growing up and I still miss them all these years later

    Sorry I missed posting mine yesterday - it has been a crazy few days but I shall be back with some crackers next week!

  6. Lovely list, Kate! Love those pages! So sweet :o)

  7. I really love this idea... is it too late to join in on the fun??

  8. This is a lovely idea and handwriting is always so appealing to look at, all the type we see everywhere now gets a bit dull, so hand written signs, letters and notes really stand out.


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