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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Snowflake Swap ... who wants to play?


Well there are twelve days left to join in with the snowflake swap this Christmas.

I thought I'd give a little rerun of the brief, just to entice you once more!

I have been busy, busy, busy getting some lovely snowflake patterns, and doing some fab research to get those creative juices flowing!
I have started making a collection of lovely inspirational ideas on my pintrest page. Why not hop along and go and see for yourself? ....
Also if you need some amazong crochet patterns to get you started then please pop over to this link. I have tried and tested them ... and let me tell you the are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
Free crochet pattern: Christmas snowflake decorations
So who's up for a little bit of jolly fun?

Let me know you want to join in by leaving me a comment either on my facebook or blog page.
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/179198652217037/
Blog - http://grannytaughtmetocrochet.blogspot.co.uk/
Let me know what country you are from and if you are prepared to post internationally or not.

I will then tell you who your partner is on the 13th of November so you must let me know by then.

Once you have been partnered up get to know each other by looking at their blog and seeing what they like doing.

Contact each other and set a budget. Don't worry if you don't want to spend a lot. Some of the best swaps I have done have cost as little as £3!

You can send as many items as you like (probably best to set a total with your partner too) and all of them must be festive. Including a homemade snowflake. Be creative! It could be knitted, hooked, stitched or felted! Use your imagination! Other treats could include craft box items, sweet treats, yarn and fabric or vintage christmassy items.

All packages must be sent by 13th December to ensure they arrive by Christmas and then we can all post about them during Christmas week. I bet you won't be able to save your beautifully wrapped parcels until the big day!!

Just thinking about it makes me feel lovely and warm - oh how I love Christmas!

So who is going to play?


  1. Hello Kate, I hope I am already entered, but just to make sure, I am commenting again and have just downloaded the free pattern from your link!
    will post anywhere,,,,so i am ready!!!
    let the fun begin
    Daisy J

  2. If I could crochet I would, I think they are beautiful! :)

    1. You can sew or do paper ones ... whatever you want Ada, it doesn't have to be crocheted! xxxxx

  3. Hi Kate ... I joined in the earlier post ... Bee x

  4. I have been making lots of snowflakes for another project and I am so excited about this swap. Love Love Love Love Love snowflakes!! :)

  5. I signed up with the last post - I am so looking forward to this swap, I even treated myself to a new crochet snowflake pattern book!


  6. Can I join the swap please? I am in the UK and am happy to post anywhere


Thank you so much for your comments! I always read them and will be sure to check out your blog. Kate x