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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Christmas Stockings

Today has gone just as planned. A lazy morning, a lovely fry up (yummy) and a good session on my sewing machine.
My plan for a homemade Christmas is going well, I must admit. I have found refuge in lots of hooky time and really enjoyed writing out a list of what I will make for each person I am sending a gift to. And guess what, I am on schedule!
Today was a great opportunity to sit down and try and recall the Stocking Workshop I attended over two weeks ago. Lindsey and Sandra must have done a good job because I had no problem!
I cut out all of the components and stitched them together. Oh I do love my sewing machine, it works like an absolute dream! I love hearing it chugging along keeping me company while I make!

I even remembered to snip into the curves!!

And they are hanging (only for a few minutes for my to enjoy though ... far to early for festive decorations!!)

I loved using this lacy trim to add a little vintage cheer. Doesn't it look like rolling snowy hills and Christmas trees. I would love to be somewhere like that now. All wrapped in lovely woolly warmers! Ahhhhhh!

This is the reverse of the third stocking. I actually think it looks really nice. Simply red, white and green. :)
Lovely ribbon, salvaged of a pyjama packet! Isn't it funny how when you start crafting, everything can be put to use!

I am starting to use my Facebook Page a lot more (do please pop over and say hi) as I am not getting as much time to write full blogs at the moment. So its great to just do a quick update and have a chat!
Finally, pop over to my Snowflake Swap post and put your name down! Go on ... it'll be fun!!!
Kate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. It must be very satisfying to know that you are on schedule for Christmas. I don't know whether I'm on schedule or not!
    Love from Mum

  2. I love the shape, you can get lots of pressies in! Ada :)

  3. Loving your stockings Kate!
    Victoria xx

  4. Well done, Kate! Your Christmas socks look great inside out or right side out!! I crocheted funny looking Christmas socks for our family years ago that we still enjoy hanging up each Christmas eve. Somehow or other on Christmas morning we each find a coin in the toe of our sock, a nice ripe orange, and an assortment of other little treasures. Fun :) xx from Gracie

  5. Love the christmas stockings Kate,perfectly finished with the lace,I'm the same can't through any old lace ribbon,etc away,it'll come in handy for something,lol. happy week love juliexxx

  6. Oh such wonderful Christmas stockings! Beside crochet and knitting I love to sew as well, but I am just able to sew something very simple! Your sewing is great!
    Wishing you a happy week!
    Best, LS

  7. Good for you getting things done ahead of time. Your handmade stockings are lovely. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. How good it is to get your Christmas makes done in plenty of time! Your Xmas stockings are lovely :)
    Helen x


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