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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Stocking Making Workshop


Wow what a busy day.

This morning I got a good sew-on and completed 20 little bags.

Don't you just love this reindeer fabric I picked up from a little haberdashery shop in Wales!?

I have just got back from a lovely workshop on making stockings. It was held by the lovely Lindsay and Sandra at The Sewing Shop in Lichfield. Check out their facebook page for loads of inspirational pictures and crafty chat.

When I arrived I was greeted with a lovely hot mug of tea and got to choose two types of fabrics. The choices were endless with lots of traditional holly's, warm reds and lush greens. I thought I would go for something bright though seen as I already was doing my advent bags in traditional fabrics. So I chose this gorgeous contemporary bright green and pink fabric with little snowflakes and cute Christmas trees on. Isn't it beautiful!

As I was a little late (my mistake ... and I thought I was super early!) I got a little bit mixed up with the lining and the outside but Lindsay was so good at explaining and together we overcame the challenge of working which piece of fabric needed to go on the outside and which fabric needed to be on the inside.

We then had a gorgeous mince pie. The first of the year, which we all decided deserved a wish. But I won't tell you what mine was, now that would be telling!

Then it was onto the sewing machines to put the stocking together. My favourite bit!

It was the most challenging part of the workshop was then putting the edging on, along with the ribbon and having lots of ends to catch into the hem. The last job is always the most nerve racking though because so much work has gone into the project. But we all were so pleased when we turned our stockings out and revealed a lovely piece of work.

I then had free reign of the shop and spent a good 30 minutes discussing ideas with the ladies and deciding which fabrics to take home for stocking #2. I chose some lovely autumnal colours to match our living room. I'm sure whatever is left over will make a lovely patchwork cushion.

I was really spoilt for choice but eventually decided on five contrasting fabrics and had some fat quarters cut fresh off the bolt!


I also went with a shopping list so I could finish off the advent project and came back with some lovely ribbons, threads and buttons.

I also couldn't resist half a meter of this reindeer ribbon and the best bargain of the day ... 3m of pretty lace for £1!!!

So I feel inspired and ready to get making on my 2nd day of craft. Yippee!!!

Oh, I almost forgot, fancy a look at the finished product?

Here we go ....

Looking slightly premature there on the bar walls usually covered in cards and decorations ... but doesn't it look great!

Before I go I must let you all know I have just set up a Granny Taught Me To Crochet group on Facebook. I hope you get a chance to pop by and say hello!

Kate xxxx


  1. Gorgeous stocking Kate! Ooh I do love a mince pie, especially warm with a dollop of whipped cream :)
    Victoria xx

  2. Wow, what a great shop - such gorgeous fabrics. You must be one of the first to put your Christmas decorations up!
    Love from Mum

    1. I had it up for a couple of hours but Craig would not let me put them up before december the 1st. When do you put yours up?

  3. Such a lovely stocking - I need to make one for a swap I am doing... I think I need a workshop!

  4. Wonderful stocking.

  5. Whooosh! Just as the autumn leaves are swirling around you are caught up in a whirl of activities, Kate :) I'm so glad your interview was a good experience! Your first sock is lovely!! And you made some wonderful purchases!!! Joy to you and Craig as you craft and have a special weekend away. I am off to check what you have done on FB.
    xx from Gracie

    1. Hey Gracie, I have added you to facbook. thatsnk for popping by. You too have a special weekend! xxx

  6. Love the fabric, love the stocking, oh you're so clever I'd love to make a stocking for my daughter :) Off to check out f/book :) x

  7. I love all the fabrics you went home with and your stocking turned out great. I don't know how to sew at all so it would definitely be a challenge for me, though I could try handsewing (though it wouldn't exactly be perfect). :) Hope you are having a great weekend. Tammy


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