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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

And relax!

Well my interview is now over and after all the adrenalin it is taking longer than expected to relax. There has been plenty of insomnia, cured by lots of toe wriggling (does anyone else do that to help them go back to sleep - I read it once and it does help?).
I felt like the interview went really well and I will find out on Friday if I get the job, but whatever happens I have been successful to get this far! It has really been a valuable learning curve. There were thirteen questions, and I was in there for a hour and twenty minutes. Yesterday I felt all the stress come out in a little but strong pain behind my eye. Isn't it funny how stress can manifest itself in a little place!

I now have three days holiday booked. Bliss. Today and Thursday I am having a huge Christmas crafting surge. I am so excited!
Today I want to carry on with my lovely little advent bags and at 1:30pm I am booked to go on a Christmas Stocking Workshop at the lovely Sewing Shop in Lichfield. I hope they let me take lots of photos so I can blog about it later. I also can't wait to have a look in the shop and maybe get some lovely new treats! Yippee!!

Tomorrow I want to have a yarny day. I am doing the Join as You Go circle scarf which is nearly finished and I also want to make a couple of snoods for men in my life (Daddys, brothers and husbands of course)! Maybe start some Christmas bunting and of course finish off the day at the lovely Jenny's knitting class. 
I also want to start designing some felty home made decorations! I am thinking of making some birds as they went down well, but this time less of the red-white-blue, and more of the lovely rich Christmas colours I adore!
Oh boy I can't wait! I think this will give me an excellent head start! I can't think of a more delicious way to start winding down after a heavy worky couple of weeks.
Then on Friday we are off for a nice romantic weekend to the Cotswold's. Ahhhh - my blood is starting to cool just thinking about the next five splendid days!
Kate xxxx


  1. Glad the interview went well. I hope you get the job!

  2. OOOO I had an interview yesterday and will also find out on friday! how strange. good luck.
    Don't you just love having crafting time, its not often i get to dedicate a day to craft but its amazing when you do.

  3. Hi there
    Crossing fingers you are successful but as you say preparing and getting through the interview and knowing you did well is a positive....def a gold star!!!

    Lucky Lucky you all that crafting and time to do it...people who don't craft just don't know what they are missing!

    Amanda :-)

  4. Fingers crossed for Friday! Relax and enjoy your crafty time! Ada :)

  5. Fingers crossed for Friday Kate! Enjoy your few days break!
    Victoria xx

  6. Hi Kate! Interviews are dreaded things! They always make me feel so exposed! Well done for making it through, and I'm sure that you gave good account of yourself. Now, we'll keep fingers and toes crossed! Enjoy all the good things that the next few days will bring, and happy crafting! Tania ♥


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