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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Music, remembering and catch up.

I know this is a slightly different topic to what you all signed up for, however another one of my passions is music. I felt a strong urge to share with you just a few tracks I have been enjoying this year. So before I go into what I've been up to this weekend here they are ....
  • Alt J - Tessallate
This band are fantastic. I love the sound, the magical lyrics and trills made by the instruments and very lucky to go and see them next year. Top deserves of the Mercury Prize. The song itself reminds me of the lovely holiday in Scotland and in particular killing time in a music shop in between comedy shows at the Edinburgh Festival. I heard it come on and I had to ask the man behind the counter "What is this amazing song??!!!".
  • Friends - I'm His Girl.
Catchy, cool and savvy. It has such a vintage sound with a cool bass line and cool video to match. Bring back cassettes!!!! The little bell that rings throughout the song defiantly deserves a little ass shaking! Especially when painting or wallpapering. This song reminds me of decorating our bedroom in our new house. It was such an exciting time and even though I didn't know the words I sang along anyway!
  • Steeling Sheep - Shut Eye
Firstly I love this .... secondly the singer is my best friend from school and she is amazing .... we did music together in lots of bands. There she is look gorgeous as ever! If you go and check out one track from my 2012 play list then this is the one! You won't be disappointed - it is lovely! Full of mythical instruments and percussion and the harmonies are delicious.
  • Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait
My husband can't stand M&S's and I can't get enough of them. The lyrics are full of romance and the style is so happy and upbeat. Yeeeeeehaaaaaa!
  • Laura Marling - I was Just a Card
I love this whole feel to this track, and her whole album to be honest. Her voice is to die for and this is a good one ladies to sing your hearts out to when nobody is listening. Folk without the annoying bits!
  • Hot Chip - Night and Day.
I used to love dancing to Hot Chip when they first came out on the club scene. I'm slightly too old for this now, but this tune had me going back to my dancing days kitchen style. The video is also hilarious and is directed by one of my favourite comedians Peter Serafinowicz.

                *               *               *

This weekend has been very slow paced and lovely. Yesterday I had a little mooch around Lichfield with my sister and brought a few shopping list items and starch spray. Most importantly we had a lovely relaxing lunch. We chose to go to a little bistro called 1709. They do a two course lunch menu for £5.90 and it is so gorgeous.

I went for the pumpkin and chili soup with sesame seeds and chunky bread for my starter. It was so warming and delicious. I have never tried pumpkin before (shock horror) but I most defiantly will be trying some recipes with it next autumn. Yummyness! As you can see from the picture I had to pause half way to take a photo. I had almost forgot because it was so delicious!

For our main we both chose the belly pork on apple mash and board beans, served with a creamy musardy dreamy moreish sauce. We couldn't resist using our fingers for the crackling which was salty and crunchy and the sauce, oh the sauce!, it was so moreish and creamy! Mmmmmm. I will most defiantly be visiting here again!

The rest of the weekend has been filled with fixing my snowflakes and adding the finishing touches to the advent bags I have been making. I am also in full swing making and writing my Christmas cards.

Today is remembrance Sunday and every year there is a service outside the memorial next to our house. There is a huge attendance and the road is closed. Bagpipes play and there are a couple of hymns and a two minute silence. Me and Craig always open our window fully and watch from our room.

This year was far more poignant that any year for me. It has been a sad year. I have lost my grandad, who served in the war during his National Service. But Remembrance Sunday will mean that much more as I now have him to remember and also my baby I lost at the beginning of the year. The two minute silence was no longer a faceless two minutes were I felt gratitude for those who died during the war for us. It was a two minute silence filled with sadness and memories full of them both.

I will never forget them.

Tomorrow I will be announcing the swap partners for the Christmas Snowflake Swap. I have an odd number and have no partner for myself so if anyone would like to join in that would be great! You don't need to crochet, your snowflake gifts can be brought, sewn, knitted or crafted! Just let me know by commenting if you want to play. Go-on, you know you want to!

xxxxxxxxxx love xxxxxxxxxx


  1. A very poignant post.

    Re the snowflake swap - I dont mind doing two if you dont get an extra partner? then I can pair up with you and a.n.other?

    Let me know!


  2. Dear Kate,
    OH, could I be your partner in the snowflake swap? Oh dear, I think I torture yarn more than crochet with it, but MAYBE, I could get something six=sided out of it! Let me know if that is okay with you!
    I love this post, it is so full of love and life, and even remembering those close to you have died, it is the life you remember, yes?
    I will go back and look at every musical artist you have mentioned here, but it must be at a later date, have to go to see Attic 24's snowflake patterns! xx

  3. Lovely post Kate! I lost my grandad last month so this year is very poignant for me also. Ooh and I LoVe Mumford and Sons!!
    Victoria xx

  4. Thats a sweet sweet post,
    My grandad was and ever will be my hero, I wish my son coud have known him....
    Lots of love Daisy x
    Ps looking forward to the snowflake swap whoooo hooo xxxxxxxx

  5. My Grandad has been gone a long time now, and I still think about him often :) I haven't tried pumpkin either... oops! Your meal looked very yummy :) x

  6. What a lovely post and a lovely way of remembering your losses ... the pork belly looks scrummy ... looking forward the the swap ... Bee xx


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