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Sunday, 25 November 2012

High Force

After our trip to Seal Sands we felt inspired to go on another day out to soak up the lovely weather and autumnal day. On Thursday we ventured out to High Force - one of the largest waterfalls in England.
It was a very quiet day, usually this place is flooded with tourists, but we pretty much had the whole park to ourselves.
Orange leaves fell from the nearly bare trees and landed on the thick carpeted woodland floor.
The contrast of orange leaves and bright green moss was delicious and I made the best of the colourful photo opportunities!

We crossed a lovely stone bridge which in turn crossed a lovely babbling brook.
My Granny loved this view and said how lovely it would be to take a photo with all her grandchildren sitting in different places up the stream (there is lot of us you know!). She was right, it would make a lovely photo and every time I see this I will imagine us all there (all eleven of us aged 4 - 26!) having fun!

As we reached the falls the rock faces got higher and higher. And the sound of rushing, falling water got louder!

(here's me being silly .... again!)

 How lovely. To just sit for a minute and take in the smells, sights and sounds!

 And tastes ........ of a lovely picnic! Ham and mustard cobs. Yummy! How come picnic sandwiches taste a million times nicer than work sarnies?

And for the most exciting part ......... oh my goodness ...... YOU MUST TRY THIS!! ........... If you do pass an M and S .... treat yourself and let me know how you enjoyed it!

 It was lovely to sit outside and soak up the season ... a rare but lovely opportunity!

On the way back up to the car we pulled over to do another little walk. And I am so happy we did. I just loved this view of  the little farmers cottage sitting on its own in such lovely light!

The rest of the holiday was lovely too. Lots of crocheting, coffee shops and films snuggled up with my hubby and granny ♥

For all those Kitch lovers .... check out this cafe we went too ..... Lily's Cafe in Richmond. Cream Teas and vintage crockery! A wanna be vintage house wife's dream come true!

At the weekend we went to stop of at our friends house in Blackpool. I have only been once when I was a little girl. But enjoyed a walk along the peer, despight it being bitterly cold and windy.

We enjoyed fish and chips and had a blast on the penny pushers in the arcade. I won a Frisbee and some blowing bubbles!

So that was that. A lovely break,

I will leave you with some more "lovely light" shots taken in Blackpool.




  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time Kate ... hope you have an equally lovely week ... Bee xx

  2. Looks you had a really lovely break, such beautiful photos and you looks so relaxed and happy in the one of you, that one is my favourite!

  3. What a lovely break indeed. Your pictures of the waterfalls are stunning!

  4. Sad that you were ill, but so glad you are feeling better and that you had a lovely trip, Kate! Thanks for taking us along:) The moss and brook and waterfall remind me of the area around us and I so love the ocean...[2 hours away from where I live now] I look forward to seeing your driftwood project! Some of my family shared their camera cards with me so I have posted more pictures of events around my daughter's wedding [lots of smiling faces]. xx from Gracie


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