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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The day after bonfire night .....

I can officially look forward to Christmas. Yippeeeeeeeee!
I was always told by my parents that I wasn’t allowed to think about Christmas until the day after bonfire night. So weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeJ It’s nearly here!
How perfect and fitting that I should want to share the Molly Makes Christmas Book with you. I got it from amazon for a bargain price of £6.99 delivered and it was a great treat. There are so may ideas for lots of different crafts.
Nordic Felt Housing to hang on the tree.
Vintage Fabric Stockings
Crochet Rudolf ...... oh I can't wait!!!!
Some smoochy mistletoe .... and remember, what happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe!
Crochet mince pies, sherry and carrots to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve!
A beautiful embroidery Christmas scene ...... and there are lots lots more!

Apart from the delightful projects the book is also great to sit and look through to get in the festive mood. The background vintage designs are absolutely gorgeous. Take a peek at these!
Finally, here is my Tuesday tallies ……
Apart from making a few bits in preparation for the snowflake swap (only 6 days left to sign up … if you want to follow this link and comment). I have been busy making granny squares for a scarf. I have used a chunky lovely bluey, purple, greeny yarn.
And also making lots of Christmas cards. This year I have decided to KISS (keep - it - simple-sweetie). With a simple cute red stamp design on a white background.

Fa La La La La!
And, phew, I have finished making 96 little advent bags .... it was a hard slog at the end, now I have to add the ties ... I bet you don't envy me there!
I have also been taking little snaps with my mobile of decorations in shops I want to try and remember and use for inspiration.
Bright felt and pompom Christmas tree cushion...
Don’t you just love these the little mitts!

Gingerbread men were everywhere in the garden centre.

And I just love love love these cute hearts, not just for Christmas!

 I have opened a Pintrest account and have been having oh so much fun pinning lovely photos on my boards. Do pop along and have a look!
So, a question; how do you make you crochet stiffer …. do you use starch spray? I have read a bit sugar water, do you use that? Can you make your own? If not where do you get it from etc …… blogging community ….. SOS.
Gtm2C xxxxxx


  1. There's a link to a Youtube video here.
    Love from Mum

  2. Ooh isn't that mollie makes book gorgeous! I've used spray starch on some of my items. I pinned it to the ironing board and sprayed then left to dry overnight. I got mine from tesco - Dylon spray starch.
    Victoria xx

  3. That looks like a great book and you certainly have been taking photos of lots of lovely inspiration. I tried to use spray starch to stiffen a bookmark one time, but it didn't work out so well. Might have been the yarn I used, or maybe I needed to do like Victoria and really spray it down to dry overnight. I have heard of folks using sugar water -- though for some it doesn't work. Or a mix of water and glue -- depending on what kind of stiffness you are looking for. Have fun creating! Best wishes, Tammy

  4. I have used starch spray. It works pretty well but they don't stay very stiff, perfect for things like coasters and placemats as it keeps them in shape but wears off so not so good for hanging things. I have recently used Modge Podge fabric stiffener and it is great, makes it nice and stiff. I think it washes out, but I haven't tried that yet.

  5. Vous deja commancer des preparation pour le noel!!!!!!
    moi aussi

    Et aussi je suis votre new follower!!!

    Have a nice day
    xxx Maria xxx

  6. Yay! You are really in the Christmas spirit! That book is great isn't it! :)

  7. Lovely Christmas decorations....xx

  8. What a lovely post. Lots of photos and inspiration! I love that tree cushion. You've been so busy wih all your makes. I've tried starch spray on snowflakes and it seemed to work well. I pinned them out sprayed them and left them overnight. Maggie xx

  9. Everything you've posted here is wonderful Christmas inspiration.
    I love Mollie Makes, I've only got a couple of the magazines but your Christmas book looks great.
    96 Advent bags - I'm wondering what you're doing with them??

    I found you via Tammy of T's Daily Treasures and now I'm your newest follower and hope you'll come over and say hello to me!
    I live on the other side of the world - but it's only a mouse click for us bloggers!!!
    Have a fun filled week
    Shane ♥
    ps - you have such a great blog name!!!


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