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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Making Snowflakes

What fun I am having. Any pattern I find I am trying. And learning so much more too!

I must have over forty in my pile now; growing like that of a satistfying as the granny square pile.

I am so in love with these six sided frosty shapes.

Not forgetting some cute granny chrstmas trees.

Some new red and white glittery yarn? ..... I think so!

I am even brave enough to start my own symetrial freestyle patterns. What do you think?

I love pinning them out, starch spaying them .... and then coming down in the morning to find perfectly formed snowflakes!

So what will it be,
hanging in the window?
garlands for my shelves and fire place?
A string for the tree?
Some pastels would be nice?
Or Nordic? 
Or even a mobile?
Or simpley hanging decorations?

Whatever ...... I am loving the snowflakes!



  1. Beautiful, my friend Helen is making lots as well, I hope she remembers me this Christmas :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. Hi Kate, these are soooo lovely, can't wait to give them a go, thank you for the links too
    D x

  3. Oenone day I will be able to make one of these, not sure when, but I will! :)

  4. Beautiful snowflakes, clever you and what a good way to learn more stitches :) x

  5. Looking great. I love making snowflakes too! You have made so many different types. Next year you should try with crochet thread. They are more fiddley but look great in the end too. The sparkly yarn is just great and I love the red you have used too. What a great idea. X

  6. Dear Kate,
    I am loving your snowflakes too. I looked at the pattern for the granny trees. They look like they are difficult! I can only do easy.
    Do you use spray starch for your snowflakes or just plain water. I have never blocked anything properly, that must be why everything I make is all scrunched up.

  7. Nice snowflakes. Hope you don't get snowed in


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