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Saturday, 5 January 2013

1/52 Weeks of Happy

Four photographs to celebrate the first week of 2013.

1. Two fantastic walks up the Chase ... and a bit of deer spotting.

2. Delightful crochet flowers patterns and getting a deep sense of satisfaction when complete.

3. Another crochet photo ... however, as much as I enjoyed crocheting up these hearts I would prefer a photo of me swimming (practically a no-no) as I have enjoyed swims early morning before work and before bed. Blissful.

4. Bargains .... 3 bulbs of hyacinths for £1 which I places next to my Amaryllis. I love waiting for bulbs to pop. What is the fun of buying already popped ones???!!!!

This week has been lovely. Full of optimism and tidying ... and not just the house. Mind body and soul too.

Happy New Year.



  1. Lovely happies Kate ... great that you have joined in ... Bee xx

  2. Very pretty - a great start to a new year...

  3. Kate! What a fantastic recount of your first year of blogging and now your first week of a Happy New Year! Over the holidays I missed reading some of your posts and just now had the pleasure of catching up. I am so excited to realize all you are learning to craft in your life. Thanks so much for posting! I look forward to enjoying a Happy New Year with you :) xx from Gracie

  4. Well done you on the swimming! Love those little hearts, must have a go! :) x

  5. Look forward to seeing how your projects progress. Enjoy reading your blog.

  6. They are lovely things to be happy about. Lovely photos too!

  7. I love your pretty crochet hearts - I have been looking at Jacquie's hearts tutorial over at Bunny Mummy's and thinking of having a go myself!
    Loving your happies btw!
    Angie x


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