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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Chickens in the Snow

They didn't like it, one bit.

I think they are still missing the black chicken.

But as for the snow. They were most horrified!

It took almost ten minutes to encourage them out of their home and out for a little exercise.

Ten minutes encouragement and lots of treats!

Its funny just having three again. Don't they look like a gang! Such posers!

  I couldn't miss the opportunity to also take a shot of Derek who also looked most unhappy.

And as for my bedroom view .... wow.

I just had to go up and explore the fields.

Slight snowdrift issue ....but we soon got over it!

Up the hills we went. Like kids again.

  A beautiful chance to take some lovely photographs.

Underneath the branches.

We finally reached the hills. After getting quite lost in the woods.

Two cows out in the field. Looking a lot braver than my three little chickens at home.


  1. Wow Kate that is amazing snow ... none here yet ... just on the hills ... it seems to be threatening though ... we had a little fall earlier ... enjoy playing and keep warm :) ... Bee xx

  2. Lovely photos but feeling a tad sorry for Derek - lol x

  3. Oh your poor little chooks - they look so sweet! Lovely pics - snow just makes everything look so pretty , glad you got out for a walk.
    Stay warm & happy Sunday

  4. Now why didn't you make a snowman? Poor Derek wasn't happy, was he?
    Love from Mum

  5. Lots of snow, but very pretty. Poor Derek, at least his hat was dry :) xx

  6. poor lil chickens! you got loads of snow where as we only got a few mm's just enough to cover the ground really.
    wonderful pics

  7. You need to crochet them some little socks! :) x

  8. My lot have taken two whole days before they ventured out and even then , not very far before they went back in , in disgust.

  9. Poor chickies. They don't like that white stuff, do they? Lovely photos. You have so much snow. I'm not much of a snow person but it's lovely to look at in other people's photos. :)


  10. Lovely snowy pictures.
    No snow to talk about in my neck of the woods

  11. SO sad to hear about your hen, I do worry leaving them outside in this cold, but still not kind enough to have them lined up on the furniture indoors pooing everywhere. Maybe when I lose the plot they can come in and sit on the sofa. Ours love warm porridge, rice or pasta in this weather. They make a little burring noise n excitement.

    Hope you have another snow home day as these stolen days are the best aren't they. Glad you were pleased with your fabric.

    Lisa X


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